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  1. Thanks for the info. I noticed that you are using EAM I´m running EAM on that computer, which might explain the different behaviour. I assume that you did exactly as i did, right-clicked on a folder ? Not a "Custom Scan" ? I´m going to install and see what happens.... Downloading right now... Update: In case someone wonders, the latest version is
  2. This sounds familiar... When i tested CIS 8 i had problems not only with CIS itself, but also with EAM crashing / not starting. CIS 8 was released september 2014, so those users probably have CIS 8.... Tell them to use CIS 7 instead....
  3. Today i noticed something really weird: when scanning a folder EAM does not scan the files in the folder !? Fx. when i right-click on a folder and select "Scan with EAM" , the scanning finishes in 2 seconds. Scanning 7 GB in 2 seconds !? Must be the worlds fastest scanning... But if i open the folder, mark all files and start a scan, then all files are scanned. This must be a BIG bug !? Or is this a "feature" which gives extremely fast scanning by providing false results...? Of course all the files in a folder should be scanned when a folder is selected, what else should we
  4. I updated to EAM v11 15-11-20 , and i can now confirm that EAM 11 & CIS 7 (7.0.317799.4142) works well together, with mutual exclusions. I have not tested CIS 8 yet.... Note: I´m only using the HIPS in CIS.
  5. It doesn´t matter where programs are installed. You can install both 32 & 64-bit programs in the same folder., and you can also call it whatever you want. Fx. i install all programs on another partition (E:\Programs).
  6. A correction: I made a mistake, that computer had not been updated to EAM 11 yet. The problems i described above is with EAM 10 & CIS 8. But since it probably has nothing to do with EAM i expect the same problem when using EAM 11.
  7. EAM 11 & CIS 7 works well together, with mutual exclusions. CIS 8 is acting weird though, it hangs and seems to "block itself", i can open it´s main window, but clicking on any link like fx. "Update" and it hangs. If i disable HIPS first then it might work, but it might even require a restart of CIS before opening the main window. When finished with CIS (main window) i can enable it´s HIPS again. I tested 3 different versions of CIS 8 yesterday, and all of them behaved like described above. CIS 8 behaves like that even if all EAM-components are disabled. So if you experience s
  8. "Acting a bit weird" means making the computer unresponsive and then after a few minutes freezing completely. I had to do a "hard reset", power off and remove battery from the laptop. I never intended to "stick to an old version", i only wanted to test another (older) version in order to identify the latest working version, so that i could tell you when the problem started (which version). Anyway, today i installed the latest available version ( Everything is working normally, problem solved... You can close the thread now.
  9. Doesn´t Emsisoft have an "internal" filearchive ? I really don´t like downloading from external webbsites, especially since you talk about "wrappers".... Might be safer to keep 5409 for a while, until the next update is released...
  10. I installed the latest version of EAM on a computer, but EAM started acting a bit weird. So i installed instead, which works fine. Now I want to test the previous version, just to see if that makes any difference compared to Where can i find an older version of EAM ?
  11. Yes of course... But since no one else has reported any problem i assume it wasn´t caused by EAM. System commands revealed a lot of errors so the computer has now been restored from a systembackup, so there is no need to investigate this further. EAM is now working normally again. Problem solved.
  12. EAM crashing today, with the following errormessage: Problemsignatur: Problemhändelsens namn: APPCRASH Programnamn: a2start.exe Programversion: Programtidsstämpel: 559d5637 Namn på felmodul: StackHash_432b Modulens version: Tidsstämpel för felmodul: 00000000 Undantagskod: c000001d Undantagsförskjutning: 00000000 OS-version: 6.1.7601. Språkvariant-ID: 1053 Ytterligare information 1: 432b Ytterligare information 2: 432b07386bea55fd5675b33ddd62767e Ytterligare information 3: a38c Ytterligare
  13. You can install EAM wherever you want, partition or folder does not matter. Just add the complete path after /DIR= Note: You have to use doublequotes " if there is a space between characters in the path. A few examples: /DIR="D.\Program Files\EAM" /DIR="E:\PROGRAMS\EMSISOFT ANTIMALWARE"
  14. I just ran the wizard again. The recommended setting in EMET 4.1 is everythinh checked for both a2guard & a2service. But then EMET block EAM.... I get a notification from EMET: SimExecFlow mitigation for a2guard.... Now I remember that being the primary reason for unchecking everything. So a list of the settings or a screenshot are appreciated.
  15. That was the reason for asking, as i thought there might be Incompatibilities between EAM & EMET. I did run the wizard when I installed EMET, but since I wasn´t sure that those mitigations really should be checked, I unchecked all of them. And I didn´t save the recommended settings because I was hoping to get the needed information from Emsisoft.... Could you please list the settings or post a screenshot ?
  16. Thank you. But, what exactly are the "default" settings ? Do you mean everything checked for both a2guard.exe & a2service.exe ? And, are we talking about EMET 4.1 or 5 (5.1) ? To make sure we all get it right, It would be very nice if you could post a screenshot of the correct "default" settings.
  17. Thanks. I know that EMET is not created by Emsisoft, but do you have any recommendations for how EMET should be configured ? Should it ignore a2guard.exe & a2service.exe ? And should it be configured for any other EAM-files ? And since your post above is from April 2014, and newer versions of EAM has been released since then, has there been any change regarding DEP & ASLR in those versions ? AV-test.org published a report about the use of DEP & ASLR in antivirus software on 2014-11-25 Self-Protection for Antivirus Software: http://www.av-test.org/en/news/news-singl
  18. You uninstall EAM the same way as other programs: Control Panel → Programs and Features, rightclick on EAM, select uninstall. As far as I know there should not be any "leftovers" causing problems. However there is a cleaning tool you can use, Emsiclean: https://dl.emsisoft.com/Emsiclean.zip
  19. As far as I know there are no known conflict between WinPatrol and any other security-software.... And I can confirm that Winpatrol works with EAM, I´ve used them together for many years.
  20. Well, I take your answer as confirmation about my suspicion regarding a failed upgrade.... I was already thinking about uninstalling and reinstalling, so it´s done now. Everything looks good so far, a green icon on all accounts...
  21. Thank you. Yes I was also thinking the same, that Behaviour Blocker would alert. After having activated "File guard" yesterday while using my own USER-account I swtiched to the ADMIN-account, and to my BIG surprise I once again noticed an orange EAM-icon in the taskbar !? I waited several minutes, and it remained orange. I logged out from the ADMIN-account, and then logged in to all the other USER-accounts (I know all passwords since I installed the O/S and created the system), and the EAM-icon was green on all accounts, with "File guard" enabled. I logged in to the ADMIN-account
  22. Hi ! Yesterday i started to do maintenance on a friends computer. I noticed the EAM taskbaricon was orange so i rightclicked it to check the settings, and noticed that "File guard" was disabled ! All guards were enabled last time i did maintenance. This computer has multiple useraccounts. I installed EAM v8 on this computer myself about a year ago, the settings are locked on all accounts except for the ADMIN-account and my own useraccount which I use for maintenance. Only two persons know the ADMIN-password, the owner (of course) and myself. But I am the only one who knows the
  23. Hi ! When buying EAM 9 for 9.99, how does it work with the discounts ? Does the customer still get a 25% discount on the full price the 2nd year ?
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