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  1. Hi ! What is the recommendation, upgrade to v9 or do a "clean" installation by first uninstalling v8 and then do a fresh install of v9 ?
  2. Although not answerin Although not answering your question about EAM... Microsoft´s Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) v4.1 blocks the latest 0-day exploit in Internet Explorer CVE-2014-1776 (from 2014-04-26) https://technet.microsoft.com/en-US/library/security/2963983 http://www.fireeye.com/blog/uncategorized/2014/04/new-zero-day-exploit-targeting-internet-explorer-versions-9-through-11-identified-in-targeted-attacks.html EMET: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2458544
  3. Have you checked what the "recommended settings" are ? I´f I remember correctly EMET sets several if not all options to On (active) for EAM´s a2guard.exe & a2service.exe
  4. I have been using EMET together with EAM for months and I have not noticed any problems. I tried to find information about configuring EMET for EAM, but since I could not find any I decided to instruct EMET to ignore EAM. I see no reason to let EMET mess with EAM´s processes (a2guard.exe & a2service.exe).... And I have also added exceptions for EMET in EAM.
  5. Yes, EAM works well together with other antimalwareprograms, but it´s recommended to use mutual exclusions. Meaning: tell both programs to "ignore each other".
  6. You use the commandline during the installation, to fx. install EAM on another partion and / or folder than standard. A few examples "D:\Programs\EAM" "E:\Program Files\Emsisoft" After installation EAM works "normally, it starts at bootup, and you click on the normal icon on the Desktop, start EAM via startmenu etc. Personally, I have had EAM installed on another partition than the O/S for years, and there is no problem, everything works normally.
  7. I have had EAM installed on another partition than the O/S for years, and there is no problem, everything works normally.
  8. AV-test.org http://www.av-test.org/en/home/ which regularly tests antimalwareprograms for Windows has also tested antimalwareprograms for Android. The latest test was published 12th December 2013: http://www.av-test.org/en/tests/mobile-devices/android/
  9. Yes. EAM & MBAM works fine together, with realtime protection on.
  10. OK. Thanks, then it´s time to get a lifetime license ....
  11. Really ? Where have you got that information from ? After reading your post i checked MBAM´s webbsite and there is no such info there, i also did a search on their forum.
  12. HI ! For your information Joe, after reading about the problems i doublechecked that EAM is still working on a friends computer yesterday. It´s an "old" laptop with Pentium dualcore 2 GHz CPU, 2GB RAM, upgraded to W7-64 , and EAM is (still) working normally. So there must be some really critical "border" between 1.83 & 2 GHz.........
  13. No problem. But it was confusing until i found the other thread a minute later.... Weird if some mod split it, i was about to suggest to the mods to COMBINE these two threads....
  14. "" Which version do you have ?
  15. ??? What symptoms ? Which steps ? And who is joe53 ? Are you referring to this post: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/12820-eam-fails/ If you want help, then you will have to explain the problem.... What doesn´t start ? a2guard / a2service / a2start ?
  16. Startmenu → All programs → Emsisoft AntiMalware (Folder) → Emsisoft AntiMalware (Program) Tip: if you want a "clean" desktop, create a shortcut to EAM in the taskbar. If you don´t already have a toolbar Right-click taskbar → Toolbars → New toolbar → Right-click → New folder → Enter Right-click the folder, rename it, to fx. P"rograms" Do NOT click on it, because that will open it ! While it´s marked, left-click on "Select folder" in the bottom-right corner Create a shortcut Then go to the EAM-folder in the Startmenu as instructed above Right-click on Emsisoft AntiMalware, a
  17. Hi ! I installed EMET today, and i´m unsure about the settings for EAM-processes. Should EMET 4.0 monitor a2.guard.exe, a2service.exe and a2start.exe ? Is it recommended to have mitigations activated or deactivated ?
  18. It looks like the same problem here: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/12719-looks-to-me-like-emsisoft-is-stuck/
  19. Good. I´m glad i could help. Starting Taskman with a normal user-account is useless, because it will not show you everything...
  20. You are welcome. A tip, create a desktop-icon for Taskmanager: rightclick on the desktop select "New"→"Shortcut" enter C:\Windows\System32\taskmgr.exe enter Taskman (or whatever you want to name it) rightclick on the Taskmanager-icon select Properties→Advanced mark "Run as administrator" When you click on the icon to start Taskmanager you have to enter your admin-password, then Taskmanager will be running as admin, showing you everything.
  21. Sorry, i should have explained exactly how. Start Taskmanager, in the lowerleft-corner select "Show processes from all users".
  22. Sorry, i forgot to mention that you should run Taskmanager "as Administrator". Do that and check again. You should now see a2service.exe under "Processes". Running Taskmanager as a normal user doesn´t show everything, so always run Taskmanager "as Administrator".
  23. Hi ! Are you sure Emsisoft AntiMalware is running ? You can check by starting Taskmanager, rightclick in the taskbar, select "Start Taskmanager", in Taskmanager select "Processes" Is both a2guard.exe & a2service running ? Then start Emsisoft AntiMalware, either by clicking on the icon on the desktop ( if you have one) or through the startmenu. What happens then ? Is the taskbar-icon back ?
  24. I suggest you: uninstall EAM reboot twice, to make sure the drivers are rermoved install EAM
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