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  1. Although not answerin


    Am I right in the assumption, that a behaviour blocker will never directly protect against "exploitation", like e.g. the one you hat described in Emsisoft Blog. But on the other hand, then will the behaviour blocker indirectly protect against the payload dropped from a website, or when the payload is tried executed. Is it not actually the only way a behavior blocker can protect an user against exploits? I ask because I have a hard time to see how it is possible to create a rule for the behaviour blocker that could protect against such or all exploits. Just asking, because I would like to understand the good zero day tool in Emsisoft anti malware better.






    Although not answering your question about EAM...


    Microsoft´s Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit  (EMET) v4.1 blocks the latest 0-day exploit in Internet Explorer CVE-2014-1776 (from 2014-04-26)






    EMET: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2458544

  2. I have been using EMET together with EAM for months and I have not noticed any problems.

    I tried to find information about configuring EMET for EAM, but since I could not find any I decided to instruct EMET to ignore EAM.

    I see no reason to let EMET mess with EAM´s processes (a2guard.exe & a2service.exe)....

    And I have also added exceptions for EMET in EAM.

  3. Hi !

    A new antimalware-test by MRG Effitas, Time to Detect Assessment Q4 2013: http://www.mrg-effitas.com/
    Directlink to the report: http://www.mrg-effitas.com/wp-content/u ... -2013-.pdf

    It´s very interesting reading.
    But I cannot post any results here because of: "Copyright 2014 Effitas Ltd.
    This article or any part of it must not be published or reproduced without the consent of the copyright holder."


    You have to download the report (PDF) and read it yourself.


    A certain antimalwareprogram got VERY good results...... ;):D

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    Did I miss the a chance to put EAM on another drive (via a "command line parameter")?  


    And, if I were to do that somehow, wouldn't "launching it from the Command Prompt" take away the advantage of having it automatically launched at bootup?


    You use the commandline during the installation, to fx. install EAM on another partion and / or folder than standard.


    A few examples




    "E:\Program Files\Emsisoft"



    After installation EAM works "normally, it starts at bootup, and you click on the normal icon on the Desktop, start EAM via startmenu etc.


    Personally, I have had EAM installed on another partition than the O/S for years, and there is no problem, everything works normally.

  5. They are migrating to a subscription model though. I'm in doubt whether I should try to get one of the remaining lifetime licenses while they are still available.


    Really ?

    Where have you got that information from ?

    After reading your post i checked MBAM´s webbsite and there is no such info there, i also did a search on their forum.

  6. Thanks for that info, GT500.


    So basically the problem is that EAM has become too big for my netbook using Win 7 Pro, if  I understand the situation correctly. I guess 2 GB RAM, and a CPU @ 1.83 GHz, aren't big and fast enough.


    The workarounds suggested- either leaving it on 24/7, or never updating EAM til a fix is found - are either impractical or unsafe respectively. Is there not some way to increase the timeout period to connect to the service (currently 30 seconds, I believe)?


    Fortunately, there are other good free AVs available that I can switch to.


    HI !


    For your information Joe, after reading about the problems i doublechecked that EAM is still working on a friends computer yesterday.

    It´s an "old" laptop with Pentium dualcore 2 GHz CPU, 2GB RAM, upgraded to W7-64 , and EAM is (still) working normally.

    So there must be some really critical "border" between 1.83 & 2 GHz.........

  7. I am having exact same symptoms.

    Having taken all the steps mentioned by @joe53 the application still fails.


    OS: Windows 7 x64 EN, No additional AV protection except for AnVir Task Manager.



    What symptoms ?

    Which steps ?

    And who is joe53 ?


    Are you referring to this post: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/12820-eam-fails/


    If you want help, then you will have to explain the problem....

    What doesn´t start ?

    a2guard / a2service / a2start ?

  8. Startmenu → All programs → Emsisoft AntiMalware (Folder) → Emsisoft AntiMalware (Program)


    Tip: if you want a "clean" desktop, create a shortcut to EAM in the taskbar.


    If you don´t already have a toolbar


    Right-click taskbar → Toolbars → New toolbar → Right-click → New folder → Enter

    Right-click the folder, rename it, to fx. P"rograms"

    Do NOT click on it, because that will open it !

    While it´s marked, left-click on "Select folder" in the bottom-right corner


    Create a shortcut

    Then go to the EAM-folder in the Startmenu as instructed above

    Right-click on Emsisoft AntiMalware, and while holding down the right-button drag the cursor to the tollbar

    Release the button it and select "Create shortcuts here"

  9. You are welcome.


    A tip, create a desktop-icon for Taskmanager:


    rightclick on the desktop

    select "New"→"Shortcut"

    enter C:\Windows\System32\taskmgr.exe

    enter Taskman (or whatever you want to name it)

    rightclick on the Taskmanager-icon

    select Properties→Advanced

    mark "Run as administrator"


    When you click on the icon to start Taskmanager you have to enter your admin-password,

    then Taskmanager will be running as admin, showing you everything.

  10. Hi !


    Are you sure Emsisoft AntiMalware is running ?

    You can check by starting Taskmanager, rightclick in the taskbar, select "Start Taskmanager", in Taskmanager select "Processes"

    Is both a2guard.exe & a2service running ?

    Then start Emsisoft AntiMalware, either by clicking on the icon on the desktop ( if you have one) or through the startmenu.

    What happens then ?

    Is the taskbar-icon back ?

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