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  1. hi !

    this is an "old" problem...

    i have also had this problem, but i can´t remember which OA-version i was using.

    exactly what OA-version are you using, is it or some older version ?

    if i remember correctly the recommended solution is to exclude the Office 2010-folder in OA.

    it is by default located in "C:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Office 2010.

    there is also an old thread about this problem.

    have you tried a search on the forum ?

  2. I'd not recommend to do this.

    First of all - it shouldn't be possible if OA's self-protection is enabled, but, even if it's disabled - you should not do this, because this can possibly result in system instability.

    If you want to stop OA - you can select "Close and shutdown online armor" from the OA's icon context menu. (If the context menu is not available you can set a hotkey for this action at Options->Hotkeys)

    If you don't want OA to start automatically - you can untick appropriate checkbox at Options->General

    of course i meant killing OA´s processes AFTER shutting down OA.

    i thought that was obvious... ;)

  3. there is no problem using EAM, MSE and OA together.

    MSE and EAM work together.

    i ´m also using Avast without any problems (Avast + EAM + MSE +OA)

    regarding your OA-installation: did you get any errormessages during installation ?

    have you restarted (rebooted) after the installation ?

    the screenshot you posted makes me think that you tried to start OA WITHOUT rebooting first.

    and btw. questions about OA is perhaps better to post in the OA-section of the forum... ;)

  4. hackerman1 & andrewf --

    Thank you both for your help! I did the uninstall/download OA5.1/ and install, and it all went without a hitch!! Solved all 3 "Issues" !!! :)

    you are welcome, i´m glad i could help you.

    i have also had problems previously with OA, i "upgraded" to OA 5.1...

    the solution then was to uninstall OA and do a "normal" fresh install of OA 5.1.

  5. Thank you. That worked very well.

    you´re welcome.

    i´m glad i could help you.

    Now I need to figure out how to configure it as the default instead of what the computer came pre-loaded with.

    Windows 7 has it´s own firewall called "Windows Firewall", when Online Armor is installed it turns off "Windows Firewall" so you don´t have to do anything.

    but you can check yourself that it really is OFF.

    click on the "orb" in the bottom-left corner, click on "Control Panel", click on "Windows Firewall".

    it should tell you that it is turned OFF.

    I imagine that I might need to do that each time I install something on this computer as long as this protection is running?

    no, usually you don´t get a lot of those pop-ups, normally it´s just a few, then you just mark the setting "Remember for all destinations" and then click "Allow".

    but some programs like fx. Office 2007 / 2010 causes a LOT of pop-ups, so then it´s neccesary to turn off "Program Guard".

    but, remember: always turn "Program Guard" ON again, after the installation !

    I´s a very important part of your protection....

  6. SumatraPDF is considered safe, so there is no problem to allow the "keylogger".

    i get a keylogger-warning for PdfXchange...

    it´s not unusual to get a warning about "keyloggers", that happens regularly for me too.

    as long as it´s about a program that you have installed yourself then there is no need to panic,

    but if you get a warning about some program that you don´t anything about, then be careful...

  7. sorry, i forgot, so BB and HIPS, will play nicely together? thanks :rolleyes:

    yes, as i said above: that is a VERY good combination !

    also look at what Lynx said: "Just keep in mind that EAM has Behavioral Blocker and OA has HIPS component.

    They are not conflicting but some users prefer having just one of such layers of protection"

  8. a small update (clarification) to my previous post above.

    just in case someone should find my old posts somewhere on the web...

    unfortunately when i edited the text i posted the wrong text:

    "i´ve have been using EAM & OA, together with Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) for years, since MSE was a beta, they work well together. "

    actually, to be correct i used EAM (which was named a2 at that time) and Avira together with Comodo´s firewall.

    when MSE v1-beta was released i decided to add MSE.

    so for a period i had 3 (THREE) antivirus-programs running !

    i later removed Avira, and also switched firewall from Comodo to Online Armor.

    since then i´ve been using EAM and MSE together with OA-Premium which is a VERY good combination.

  9. this is NOT my thread !

    i posted a reply to another post, i didn´t create a new thread.

    my post above looks weird since it references problems mentioned in another previous post.

    if i want a NEW thread, then i will create it MYSELF, with a PROPER subject!

    the subject: "wlan-connection lost" is not doing any good since it doesn´t specify the problem...

    i found the other thread again.

    i´m going to create a new thread with a proper subject, and the text edited so it looks normal, not referencing previous nonexistent posts.

    please delete THIS thread now !

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