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  1. hi !

    i have also had problems with wlan, it works for a while, maybe an hour or two then the connection is lost.

    usually but not always, the W7-icon in the taskbar then says "limited connection".

    i have logged all "blocked events" in OA, and the problem seems to be "UDP→, rule missing, packet dropped, network connection lost",

    because that is logged everytime the wlan-connection "dies".

    and this is on a new W7-installation, on a "clean" formatted partition, so there is nothing leftover from another firewall.

    i have never had this problem before, it all started a few weeks ago after i upgraded OA to a new version(5.1100).

    yesterday i switched to a backup-copy of OA 4.5, and since then i have not lost my wlan-connection a single time !

    a few hours back i installed OA 5.0097 and it also seems to work, i have not lost my wlan-connection yet.

    this problem never happpens when i´m using my UMTS-modem, it only happens with wlan at the university.

    i have checked with our computersupport, they didn´t know anything about any weird problems with our wlan,

    as no one else has reported any problems.

    i´ll be back tomorrow with a new report, but i suspect the problem is with OA 5.1100....

  2. Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Security seems to include some form of behaviour blocking which EAM already has.

    yes, i read that and started thinking it might improve my security.

    Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Security seems to be designed to be used with Windows Firewall as it provides central management for Windows Firewall.

    as far as i have read, MS doesn´t mention that you cannot use Forefront with other FW´s, they only say that Forefront SIMPLIFIES the management of Windows Firewall.

    The information there referring to "deep protocol analysis of network traffic" could possibly be something that may indicate a potential conflict with OA's firewall.

    that´s EXACTLY what i read, and made me think about conflicts, and one reason that i asked here in the forum.

    actually i just remembered that i once had EAM, OA, and Forefront on my W7-testsystem, and everything seemed to work perfectly,

    i didn´t notice any problems at all.

    but, that was a previous version of Forefront, it was last spring (2010) if i remember correctly.

    and i´m not sure at the moment if MS has added something to the new version of Forefont.

    anyway, i´m setting up a new system this weekend, converting Windows Server 2008-R2 to workstation, so i´m thinking about testing the combination on that system.

  3. hi !

    i ´m thinking about EAM-Full version, OA-Premium & Microsoft´s Forefront Endpoint Security together ?

    has anyone tried that combo ?

    will that combination work or am i asking for trouble ?

    i know that EAM, OA & MSE work very well together, because that´s what i´ve ´been using for years now.

    Forefront is basically the same antivirus-scanning as MSE, but has some extra network-protection added, which made me think the combo should work.

  4. it ´s a NEW installation on a formatted patition, so obvoiously there can NOT exist any leftovers from any software.

    anyway, both of you have misunderstood the problem, i installed OA-Premium WITHOUT using any key, as instructed, and got OA-Free.

    when that didn´t work i LATER even tried OA v4.5 with the trial-key that was used when v4.5 were the latest version.

    anyway, as i said above: problem solved, i´m running OA-Premium now, OA++ without a2...

  5. I might be wrong, but as far as I remember if you have used a trial key for a previous version, you are not "eligible" for the 30 day trial any more on your current system. No matter which version you are trying to evaluate.



    it a completely NEW W7-installation on a formatted partition, so there is nothing "leftover"...

    anyway, i have now solved the problem !

    i installed OA ++ instead of OA-Premium, then i got a 30-day-trial.

    OA is now installed and running, "converted" to OA-Premium by removing the a2-folder.

    I have EAM running separately so i don´t want OA ++.

  6. hi !

    when i install OA-Premium v5 30 day trial, i´m getting OA-Free instead ?

    i have done a "normal" installation with the latest available version, a fresh download directly from Emsisoft.

    during installation in the screen where you can enter a key if you already have one, i just clicked on "Next" as instructed.

    previously (on v4.5 etc.) there were a trial-key needed, is it still needed to enter a trial-key ?

    if so which key is that ?

    i can´t find any information anywhere, and i have searched....

    O/S is W7-Enterprise 64-bit.

  7. hi !

    i edited my previous post above while you answered: "my problem is that i downloaded & installed premium, but as i entered my license-key for OA++, i got OA++.

    i already have a separate installation of EAM, so i do NOT want OA++."

    so yes, i entered a key for OA++.

    i´m going to email Emsisoft, and ask for a premium-key instead......

  8. Older versions aren't generally made available. You could try contacting Emsisoft via their Customer Center and enquire though.

    hi !

    ok, thanks.

    are there only a combined setup-file ?

    are there no separate installers for the 3 versions(free, premium, ++) ?

    how can i install premium ?

    my problem is that i downloaded & installed premium, but as i entered my license-key for OA++, i got OA++.

    i already have a separate installation of EAM, so i do NOT want OA++.

  9. same as the first post that started this thread....

    win7pro 64bit

    stable release no beta

    and at the time only EAM5 and Online Armor Firewall were installed (Ive added back avg to cover when it doesnt startup after a reboot ;) )

    you can use MSE as backup, it also works well together with EAM.

    i´m currently using EAM & MSE v2-beta together.

    one simple workaround, put (a link to) guard.exe in your "Start-folder", then it runs when you reboot.

  10. after having experienced some problems i recently restored my system-backup,

    and then started reinstalling all security-updates from Microsoft again.

    as before (see above) a few at a time, after i had installed the first 5,

    guard.exe wasn´t running after reboot, i checked the settings, and it was once again UNMARKED.

    so one of those 5 updates turned off the "File Guard" !

    i changed the settings to "ON", and it has stayed on since then.

    i´m going to remove those 5 updates, just to see what happens.

    then i´m going to restore my backup again, and reinstall 1 of those 5 updates at a time,

    so i can find which update it is....

  11. hi !

    This a known issue (I reported it for an early beta), or rather changed behavior.

    Fabian Wosar fixed it for me (I also combine EAM with OA Premium). Perhaps you can contact him?

    thanks for that information !

    good to hear that i´m not the only one having that problem.

    of course i could run OA++ with the antivirus turned off,

    but then the taskbar-icon looks "weird".

    anyway, i haven´t spent any more time on this, as i decided to first solve the problems with a2guard.exe & OA that seems to be caused by Microsoft updates.

    posted in this thread: a2guard

    OA-premium v4 is working, so there is no panic to upgrade...

    i´ll contact Emsisoft when i have solved those problems.

  12. hi !

    i also had the same problem when i tried to upgrade OA-premium to v4.5

    using the built-in program-update.

    so i uninstalled OA, and downloaded the installer from OnlineArmor.com,

    i ran the installation & selected OA-premium, but also got OA-Free.

    but after having entered my license-key it switched from OA-Free to OA++,

    which is (almost) correct since i entered a OA++-license, although i selected OA-premium when installing, not OA++.

    i already have EAM, so i don´t want OA++....

    i haven´t solved that problem yet, i just removed OA v4.5, and restored my backup of v4, but i´ll post about it in the OA-forum.

  13. Thanks a lot for the report, hackerman1

    You are doing a great job!

    thanks !

    I'm sure that the developers will find that very helpful

    There were never doubts that MS Patches can do damage to the system (security Software included)

    yes, MS-updates CAN cause problems, thats´s exactly why it takes time for MS to release their updates, because they need to check that the update doesn´t cause NEW problems.

    If you still have the “Guard startup” issue even after reinstalling the system & EAM on win 7- most likely the developers, will need more specific information. I hope they will request that.

    yes, i have updated (reinstalled) EAM, as posted above.

    I have separate partitions for "O/S", “Programs” and “Documents & Media”.

    it´s much faster that way, it takes only 14 minutes, with an old IDE-disk...

    when i restored the backup i only restored W7, so the problem with "Enable Guard on startup" WAS with EAM updated.

    yesterday i installed another one of the last 4 remaining updates,

    i have tested rebooting, hibernate & sleep, no problems detected (yet).

    i´m going to install yet another update tomorrow....

    btw. 1 of those 2 "suspect" updates i mentioned in my previous post is totally unneeded on my system,

    it´s for 32-bit programs running on a 64-bit system.

    i´m running W7-32, so why should i install that ?

    it makes no sense, especialy as it seems to cause problems...

    please don´t get me wrong when i say i´m running EAM & MSE v2-beta...

    i have used a2/EAM as my ONLY realtimeprotection-A/V for months, and i have scanned my disks several times with MSE, Avira, Avast, MBAM.

    none of them has detected any sh*t on my computer, so a2/EAM is doing it´s job !

    the only thing any A/V has detected are a few FP´s,

    and i KNOW they were FP´s, because i´ve checked all of them on VirusTotal...

    i only installed MSE v2-beta because i wanted to see how it works together with EAM.

    i have noticed a 1-2 seconds delay with fx. Firefox "not responding" a few times, but all those "application not responding" have dissapeared now.

    it might have something to do with the last MS-update yesterday, but can also be because yesterday i added "exceptions" in both MSE & EAM for each other.

  14. hi !

    i might have found a few "suspect" updates...

    as i mentioned above i have had some problems lately, i have had an errormessage about Online Armor Miniport: "Device driver not installed" & a2guard.exe has not started normally.

    so i´ve have restored my system from a backup.

    i created a system restore point and then i have installed the recent updates from Windows update, a few at a time.

    yesterday after i had i installed 2 of the last 4 updates,

    i got the OA-problem again, i tried to uninstall those 2 updates, but it didn´t help so i restored my system to the point before all the updates.

    i decided to start over again, i have installed the recent updates from Windows update, in groups of five at a time, creating new system restore points before every installation-group.

    i have then tested: rebooting, hibernate, & sleep, several times,

    everything worked normally, no problem was detected.

    last night after i had installed the last 4 updates, i got the OA-problem again.

    i restored my system, i then installed just one of the last four updates, and everything was back to normal.

    just as before everything worked normally, no problem was detected.

    i then selected "sleep" and went to bed to get some myself. :D

    but today, after starting my computer (recovering from sleep),

    it was unresponsive, fx. Firefox didn´t respond & when i tried to start device manager,

    i got an errormessage telling me i didn´t "have right to access..."

    i tried to shutdown, it shutdown all running programs and the screen turned black, but then nothing happened so i turned off the power manually by removing the power cable.

    when i started my computer again, there was no EAM-icon in the taskbar,

    i started taskmanager, a2guard.exe wasn´t running, i then started EAM and

    guess what ?

    now "Enable Guard on system startup" was UNMARKED !

    the first 2 "suspect" updates was:

    Update for Windows 7 (KB2272691)

    Update for Windows 7 (KB982110)

    the last installed "suspect" update was:

    "Update for Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View List for Windows 7 (KB982664)

    this looks very weird, but now after restoring my system to the point before this last update, everything is working normally again, both OA & EAM.

    i´m going to test rebooting, hibernate, & sleep, several times for the next few hours, will be very interesting to see what happens...

  15. Thanks for reply ,hackerman1 and for adding information

    Yes that is why it is important because there could be system conflicts especially when you are using additional layers of security.

    The developers can check when they know the sys Setup / give advices / and probably fix something if the conflict confirmed

    Yes that's what I meant - "on Reboot" - in popular the point is - it should be active ASAP

    I hope that there are no conflicts with MSE. I know that many are running it in conjunction with other security. At the same time officially that is not recommended by MS (at least that was their *important note* that I was reading)... see

    Thanks for letting us know

    We are glad to hear that :)


    P.S. OffTopic:

    I am not using MSE since as far as I know they will automatically quarantine what they consider being a "high risk" and there is no option to change that. (I was not looking into that matter recently, though, so my info could be out-dated)

    yes, 2 A/V´s can conflict with each other, but i have not noticed any with MSE, and i have been running MSE a long time together with EAM.

    i have also used MSE v2-beta together with EAM, no problems detected until the last few days...

    FYI, i have set "Fileguard" to "Scan on Execution", i have not (yet) tested the other 2 settings together with MSE.

    MSE doesn´t have any option to "Ignore" a detected file, which is VERY stupid !

    it´s the "old" Microsoft-mentality: "Microsoft ALWAYS knows what is best..."

    i previously had to reinstall software because MSE quarantined it. :angry:

    and i have checked that file on Virustotal, so i KNOW it´s a "False positive".

    but is was easily fixed, i also got a never version... :D

    but there is a way to "Ignore":

    1. let MSE quarantine the detected file(s)

    2. restore the file(s) from the quarantine

    it works, i used it yesterday. :D

    btw. i don´t understand why there are 3 posts from me, above ?

    i edited my post #14 2 times but instead 2 new post were added. ?!

    could you please delete #14 & #15 ?

    #16 is correct.

  16. hi !

    Hi hackerman1,

    Have you tried the suggested steps? That should work

    no, i have not tried "the suggested steps", as i just read about this problem here in the forum....

    The option is under Configuration > General Tab

    i know where the setting is under "Configuration"...

    i said: "i have not noticed any unmarked settings under "Configuration / Guard settings",

    but i have not looked for it..."

    i meant that it could have been unmarked, i don´t know since i have not checked that setting every time a2guard.exe didn´t start normally.

    i only checked that setting the last 2-3 times a2guard.exe didn´t start, and those times it was MARKED.

    Manual startup will work for the current session .. but most importantly you are not protected during Reboot (where "things" may happen) if said feature is not working

    After the Reboot you should see the icon in the SysTray or among those inside the "Notification Area" (depends on what OS you are using)

    not protected ?

    you are basically right, since a2guard.exe isn´t running.

    but, i´m also running MSE v2-beta, so i´m not in any real danger during startup... B)

    i have now reinstalled EAM, and tested it by rebooting several times, now everything is back to normal.

    p.s. Please provide more detailed information about your System Environment as in Forum Posting Rules #2)

    why should i post "detailed information about my System Environment" when i´m only making a comment about also having noticed the problem with a2guard.exe myself ? :rolleyes:

    but of course, that information is useful if i ask for help,

    then of course i´ll post all relevant information...

    FYI, i´m using W7-Enterprise 32-bit, EAM, MSE v2-beta & Online Armor-Premium.

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