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  1. hi ! i have also noticed a2guard.exe not starting automatically, it has happened several times the last few days. i have not noticed any unmarked settings under "Configuration / Guard settings", but i have not looked for it... i just click on the main EAM-icon on my desktop which starts a2start.exe, then a2guard.exe starts. i have also had some other "weird" problems, so i thought those were causing my a2guard-problems, it´s good to see that i´m not alone with this problem.
  2. a2guard = 236k a2service = 460k it looks normal, i know because the last weeks i´ve tested different setting for the "File guard" so i´ve had my eyes on the taskmanager. anyway, since you didn´t mention any changes in a2´s behavior in your reply, i decided to investigate... i also have Windows Server 2008 installed, and of course i also use a2 with WS-2008. so i shutdown W7 & started WS-2008 instead, also running on a normal USER-account, after having updated a2 to the same version as on W7 i did same tests, on WS-2008 a2 behaves exactly as before, no elevation required, no UAC-pro
  3. hi ! version no beta i have not changed anything, as far as i know...
  4. hi ! a2 now requires to run elevated ( UAC-prompt) ? the problem started a few days ago, when a2 start a scheduled scan or i open the "main window" ( security status ) it triggers UAC asking for my admin-password ? is a2 supposed to run elevated everytime ? i really hope this is a bug in the latest program-update....
  5. hi ! problem solved. but, it´s a long story, posting it later....
  6. hi ! is Emsisoft´s servers down ? i can´t login and can´t upgrade signatures. the problem has been there for several hours now.
  7. hi ! "If you still have v4 installer - you have to deny the very 1st on-line update" oh, yes i have v4. i never delete any install-files, i archive them instead, i got 36GB in the archive now. you never know when you need any of them... so you mean that it´s actually possible to do it ? i installed a2 a long time ago, so i don´t remember all the steps exactly, so that´s why i asked. yes of course i´ll have to get the signatures manually, Fabian already posted how to do it. that part should not be any real problem, i have a few years experience of programming, i know how to create batc
  8. Lynx: yes Fabian answered a lot of questions, but i was wondering if you had an aswer to my last question about possible downgrade, which have not been answered (yet)? Fabian said: "Part of the installation is the configuration wizard that includes an online update which will ultimately bring you back to version 5.0." my question was: and what if i block the online update / internet connection, is it impossible to install then ? and even after upgrade, what about just copy the "old" v4.5 files to the folder ? regarding quotes: oh, i tried but couldnt make it look like fabians replies, so i
  9. "The automatic updated & upgrades are a bit different things in idea. Automatic updates mainly required for the signatures that rather be updated more frequently; and some module changes that is not very often when software is in a stable release. " yes, that is how it normally works, with most other software. fx. Comodo´s firewall is set to notify me of available updates, then i have to click on "Yes" to upgrade. "Then there EmsiSoft has options about the update message when modules delivered. Please see their meaning. That is done in a very flexible way." the problem in this case
  10. "1st that is always recommended thaving only one AntiVirus that has real-time resident Guard in order to avoid conflicts and increase performance. Other AVs if you want should be left as on-demand scans only." yes i know, but also that it says on the forums that a2 works well together with the others. btw, i´m NOT running Avira, Avast, MSE, & Kaspersky at the same time ! i have used Avira, MSE & a2 together, have used only a2 for several weeks now, i´m using Avast & a2 right now, but i´m going to try Kaspersky & a2. "As for your question there were no conflicts reported wi
  11. hi ! "Part of the installation is the configuration wizard that includes an online update which will ultimately bring you back to version 5.0." and what if i block the online update / internet connection, is it impossible to install then ? and even after upgrade, what about just copy the "old" v4.5 files to the folder ? "To mimic the 4.5 behavior you have to enable the extension filter as well and remove .DLL from the list of extensions so no DLLs are scanned." i have also done that now. going to keep a very close look at taskmanager, which is always running (as admin) btw. "There is a
  12. hi ! how can i downgrade to v4.5 ? "You can't. Even if you would use a 4.5 setup to install 4.5 you would get updated to version 5." really, how & why ? does the installation automatically update the version ? it seems to be using a lot of memory... "The memory usage is in fact lower in 5.0 as it was in 4.5. " really ? i have had my eyes on the taskmanager since it updated, and it has been using a lot of memory, much more then v4.5, even though i immediately changed the "File guard" to scan on execution. i have posted a lot of info on other forums about a2´s memory usage, so i H
  13. hi ! is it possible to download "signatures" manually ? why does a2 automatically update the program-version ? i thought it only updated virus-signatures, as there are no information saying that it also upgrades to a newer programversion. how can i downgrade to v4.5 ? i´m asking because a2 automatically updated to v5, and i do NOT want v5 (yet)! i need more information on how it works BEFORE i upgrade... i also have other Antivirus-programs running, and want to be sure that i don´t get any problems with compatibility or system slowdown. it seems to be using a lot of memory...
  14. hi ! at home now, checking taskmanager again: a2guard: 292kB a2service: 592kB thanks Fabian for your info, yes i have also noticed that a2 uses a bit more when there is some activity. but when i saw a2 using only 640kB yesterday, i thought it was too low to be correct....
  15. hi ! i´m not at home right now, but it was around 160 & 470. on your screenshot i see a much higher number.
  16. hi ! if i´m not doing anything on my computer (that requires files to be scanned), how much memory uses a2 ? i´m asking because in W7-32 when running taskmanager as admin & showing all processes, i only see a2guard & a2service and they use 640kB together. are there any more a2-processes running ? are those numbers really correct, or is taskmanager "lying" ?
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