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  1. Ah,but I was just saying that Avira detected a Trojan from A-Squared(I know now that's its a false alarm)every time I did the update.Other than that,Avira didn't do anything else.The entire update always completed successfully,but after I closed down A-Squared and started it up again the next time I used it,it wanted me to install incomplete files & whatnot & made me update & download the same exact file.Every time.Even with Avira & everything disabled. but like I said before,everything is working fine now.
  2. Sorry for the long wait,but I'm back. Theres good news too,after doing a few deep scans that lasted for hours & hours,they found nothing wrong with the computer & no virus. After a few days,I randomly just picked a day to update A-Square again, and now it seems to be working just fine again. 0.o its weird,since I never changed anything for it to happen.It just started working again out of the blue.So that's a very good thing. What? constantly interrupt & download my A-squared updates? I never interrupted any of my updates & I only update A-Square once a day,since on the Main site you can see that they update virus definitions every few hours.The only time I had to update more than once,was on the day where my A-Square updater was acting buggy & tried to FORCE me to download the same exact thing again & again everytime I opened up & started the program. Thus the beginning conversation with Emsi(admin): But dont worry,everything is fine now.Thanks to everyone that helped.Great support here =)
  3. Thank you for you help Lynx, and for the firewall,I meant guard protection,that's why I correction myself in the other post. Well I'm doing this scan,and I'll post results about what I find if anything comes up.Other than saying this,I'll just wait lol I'm very sure every item in my A-Squared quarantine is legit,since after I put them there,I researched online for more info about each one.The only things that aren't dangerous and are false alarms are the cookies it finds during scans.They are harmless.Other than that,everything else is quite dangerous & will damage my system if I "restore" them.lol but,I will keep this thread updated on what I find. Thanks for your help & patience Lynx.
  4. Thanks Lynx,atm I'm doing a virus scan to see if there's something or a virus or trojan that's causing A-Squared to act up like this.freezing & reinstalling.Again,I had A-Squared & Avira working together for many years,I updated A-squared & Avira All the time,and the Avira active guard was always on & there was never any problem with the two programs until this new A-Square update( Version came out.As soon as it updated to Version, that's when my problems started to occur,I never had any problems with version or later. About the minus firewall part(lol),on the site there's an option to download A-squared free with or without the active guard protection.So I meant to say that I downloaded the free version without the guard.Sorry that I wasn't clearer on that. I was about to choose the option to delete & then reinstall A-Squared,but I'm deathly afraid to do so XD I have many dangerous viruses & stuff in the Quarantine.And I don't want to risk deleting A-Squared & setting those bastards free lol. The viruses was very hard to get rid of,even Avira or other big name scans could never find or detect them,thats why I love A-Squared,because its awesome & found stuff no other scan I used could find. Thats why I'm sad its not working right.This problem started yesterday btw,its not like its been going on for a long time,so thats why I quickly came to the forums to see if I could find some help.I dont want to give out too much system info unless required from the forum admins thats trying to help me.So Lynx,if you want the system info,I'd be happy to tell ya if it helps.
  5. Thank you for your time & Help Lynx I can post the file directory to were the problem came from,but it looks like Ken had the same exact problem with that directory as me. To be more clear,the file location(for mine) was: C:\documents & settings\owner\temp\a2temp\a2mor.dll and it was Avira that flagged it as a Trojan. And yes,I sent the file to Avira's developers and I turned off Avira,started up A-squared,and (again) it still asked me to install an update because it detected incorrect file versions. I installed the update,this time it was over 1 MB, the same Exact thing happen(except the part with Avira going crazy),the update said "Downloading Cleaning Module:Cleaning Engine Component-", even though I was forced to download this from A-Squared a thousand times already.And thats it,to make sure everything was ok,(now that Avira was disabled,maybe the message at the A=Squared start up would go away). I closed down A-Squared,waited a couple of minutes & restarted it,with the same exact message starting up: "One or More Files have incorrect Versions,would you like to update/download these files now?" and now A-Squared is frozen & wont work at start up >,< arrgghh.
  6. okay,even if it was just Avira going silly on the false Trojan part,that still doesn't explain why my A-squared program keeps on installing the same exact update after update,and keeps on saying I installed incomplete or corrupted files every time I start it up.Again,this never happened before,and after one update,it shouldn't try to make me install the same exact thing,again,and again,and again.
  7. Hello to everyone,I'm new to the forums & I thank anyone for reading this & helping me out. I have A-Squared,free version(minus firewall) and I just updated it to the new release from to I though,ok great =D yay updates! nothing was abnormal,and it updated like it always did everytime I click on the update button.(I dont have updates set on automatic). Then something weird happened the next time I updated my program,as it was updating, the update was moving at an incredibly slow pace,even though it was only around 500 kb of updates,and in the middle of the update bar filling up,my Avira kicked on & detected the TR/Dropper.GEN Trojan,and I quickly set it to quarantine.This has NEVER happened before with my version of A-Squared,And Avira has never acted up like this with A-Squared before(or with any of the programs on my computer),so I suspected the download to be a corrupt file that sent me a virus. Before anyone says it: the problem is not Avira.I had & used Avira & A-Squared together for a very long time.There were never any problems before this update. To make sure I wasn't jumping to conclusions myself on this,I closed down A-Squared, and started it up again,then a a-squared message box appeared saying that "Incorrect files have been updated,would you like to update now?" and I clicked ok.Nothing seemed fishy here,maybe it just had a download error it wanted to fix it? WEll I was wroooong.Because as soon as it went back to the update/download page,the same exact thing happened again! The Update was around 500 kb, Avira detected a TR/Dropper.GEN trojan,and on the update list it says "Downloading Cleaning Module: Cleaning Engine Component-" And it was weird,cause I never heard of that A-Squared update before. I updated later on again,and the same download keeps coming up with the same trojan & the same download.No matter what I do or how many times I do it.Its VERY suspicious,since something needs to update once & a-squared wouldnt make you download the same exact file every time you click "Update".But A-squared keeps telling me I have incorrect files & stuff everytime I start it up,and right now I just dont know what to do.So I came on the forums seeking for help & advice. Whats going on? And what should I do to correct the problem? Thank you for your time.And A-squared is the best antivirus protection I ever had,I dont want to get rid of it or have problems with it.I hope this can be easily solved.
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