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  1. no worries i know there not harmful lol i just have a old computer so having almost a million of them lags me and i really wanna just get rid of them all and start new
  2. i already use CCleaner probably been using it once a week for the past 3 years, and i use registry mechanic pro, once a week for years as well there settings are on deep scans so they find everything, i just want a program that will take 900,000 traces and delete them all can the next reply just state the name of a program that does this instead of me having to get a lecture on what things do and this isnt a hard question to answer should take less then 10 words to get your point across for this...... just saying
  3. it doesnt seem to help me delete them..... honestly any of those traces i have are from programs i dont even have on my computer anymore so isnt there a program and finds the dead traces and jsut gets rid of them? i dont see why i need traces to things that i dont have anymore?
  4. what are traces? what are they used for? why are there so many? i dont even have half that amount of files on my computer... this is stupid what folder do i find these traces in? i wanna delete them all and start over so theirs only like 0 even if there not harming me there still giving my computer extra work and i hate that, i wanna delete them all but i cant find the folder and google is no help
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