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  1. scottis & GregDashaway - thanks for your inputs. T I tried Windows Defender on a number of computers and found it useless, I uninstalled it. MalwareBytes I've always found to be pretty good, it's detection rates are similar to EAM, it sits there in the background doing it's thing and has never given me any problems. I also ran Avira AntiVirus for years, this is another programme that's proved totally reliable and has given me no problems. However I was drawn to EAM as I thought it would replace both MalwareBytes and Avira - one thing less going on... I liked EAM - and still do - but
  2. Just a follow on to my earlier posts regarding shut down problems when running EAM. Windows Task Manager shows a2service as running and using 2,200k memory after an attempt is made to shut down the computer. The second attempt shuts down the computer normally. Lately (for the last couple of weeks) the computer will start shutting down i.e. all the desktop icons disappears but the process then freezes. This is more problematical than the usual shut down problem as it is now not possible to shut down via 'start - shut off computer' as obviously these options are no longer on screen. It is
  3. Well I've tried EAM 'again' and still experiencing shut down problems. On occasion I have come to use the PC in the morning only to find that it is still running from the previous day and has been on all night. Now all users must wait to check that the PC has properly shut down before leaving the room. To essentially confirm that it was not my PC I uninstalled the software after which the PC shut down properly every time. I installed the software on my laptop, a reasonably new Toshiba also running XP PRO - exactly the same result - intermittent shut down problems. Without EAM the laptop s
  4. Sheep Expert - thanks for the input, my apologies for the delayed reply. I click on 'start', 'turn off computer' them 'turn off' as usual. The EmsiSoft icon disappears from the tray (bottom right), the computer remains on and is usable. All that appears to have happened is that EAM has closed down. I can then go to 'start', 'programmes' and re start EAM when it will run normally. , The Event Viewer will give an error message - Event 1073. I don't think there's any relevant information available via the Task Manager, I'll check next time the problem arises. MalwareBytes is running on d
  5. Well I've uninstalled and re-installed EAM a couple of times - and the problem remains. Things will be OK for a week then suddenly for no apparent reason (well apparent to me at least) the PC will not shut down. I've uninstalled Avira and the problem remains. I've uninstalled Comodo Firewall and the problem remains, just using the MS Firewall at the moment. SO in desperation I've raised a ticket with EmsiSoft CS, we'll see what happens...
  6. H_D - no I didn't contact CS, I uninstalled the software to check whether the problem would go away, which it did. I intend reinstalling EAM soon and if the problem re occurs I will obviously contact CS and post here. Thank you John
  7. Hello, Since having shut down problems after installing EAM I finally uninstalled it from my machine and returned to my previous Avira AntiVir/MalwareBytes combination and I have not had any shut down problems since. This to me would suggest that the problem is EAM-related. The PC has been behaving for the last three weeks whereas with EAM installed it would give shut down problems every couple of days. I'm very grateful to members of this Forum who freely gave of their time and offered various suggestions. My copy of EAM is a paid for version so I would obviously like to reinstall th
  8. Well in my last posting I said:- >>> my shut down problems 'appear' to have gone - I'll just not hold my breath for now...<<< Seems I spoke too soon as last night it was up to it's old tricks again, exactly the same as before. First attempt to shut down appeared to close EAM (well it disappeared from the tray) and the usual Event 1073 logged in the Event Viewer. This PC gets turned on and off a good few times every day and I must admit I thought the problem had finally disappeared. BUT it seems it's still here unless last night was a fluke. Just a case of keeping an eye
  9. H_D >>> If you choose Scan, then Custom, you can configure the scan settings and save that configuration as a file .a2s (I think - I'm not at my home PC). You can then go back to the Scheduled Scan page and choose to load a custom scan set (the .a2s file) to define the type of scan you want to run, and then set the schedule as required <<< Thanks for that. I'd read further into the Instructions (which is what I should have done before posting...) and realised how to do this. Reading some of the other postings I'm always saddened at how some posters get quite uppity if fo
  10. H_D - I see - you learn something new every day. Having removed AntiVir I'm just running EAM and Comodo and keeping an eye on things. I've also updated a couple of drivers. Yesterday I purchased a 12 month licence for EAM so I'm commited to making an effort to make it run! Lynx - >>> consider to disable Guard > File Guard Tab > “Protect PC even if no user logged on” <<< I may do that later, I don't want to disable any of EAM's facilities unless I have to but maybe as a last resort... And finally, a question. If I configure EAM to do regular scans have I any co
  11. >>> EAM is a dedicated AV solution. What did you think it was? <<< Well as it's called Anti Malware I assumed that's what it was - anti malware. I had not realised it included real time AV protection as well. I'll try uninstalling Avira and see how EAM plays on it's own. The PC has been behaving last couple of days. I've been booting up then shuting down quite a lot with no problems - then - bang - it freezes again this morning for no apparent reason - well not apparent to me anyway. I'd previously configured EAM and Avira to ignore each other as suggested by H_D so p
  12. H_D - thanks again for that. >>> it is never a good idea to have two real-time anti-virus solutions installed at the same time. <<< I'm running Avira, Comodo and EAM. Are you saying I could disable Avira ? Surely apart from EAM I require a dedicated AV programme ? Meanwhile I'll look into updating drivers etc as you suggest. Incidentally the PC is a DELL Dimension 9150 ~5 years old, with a Pentium D running at 3Ghz with 4 Megs of Crucial RAM. HD is a 250 Gb SATA and the OS is XP PRO MCE. I did a re-install a few months ago and try and keep the machine reasonably clea
  13. H_D & Lynx - thanks for your inputs. Ironically I've not had the shut down problem for a day or so and that makes it more difficult as I want to do one thing at a time to see if I can not just sort this problem but know what I did that actually helped! Doing lots of things at the same time and curing the problem for me is not 'really' the answer !!! But I do need to have lots of ideas... H_D - I've tried to configure Comodo and Avira to ignore each other's .exe files etc. I have used MS Config in the past but I'm never happy using it... I would normally use TuneUp Utilities to chan
  14. H_D – thanks for your input. >>> The first thing to check is that all your security programs exclude each other from monitoring. <<< Sorry but I’m not too sure what you mean by this – and how I should check. I have Comodo Firewall version and Avira AntiVir Personal installed, they both obviously run permanently. I have used both for some years on many computers and never had problems – that’s not to say there won’t be a conflict – just that up to now they have behaved perfectly… As to other programmes running, as far as I know there is nothing. Before shutti
  15. Hello, I have been testing Emsisoft Anti Malware for the last few days and having problems shutting down the PC. I have seen this mentioned in a previous posting(s) but can't seem to find an answer. Clicking start, turn off computer, turn off and the PC starts the shut down process, the Emsisoft icon disappears from the tray (bottom right) but the shut down process then freezes. I can still use the computer normally in this state but to complete the shut down I have to repeat the process. This happens roughly 50% of the time and I cannot see any pattern. Looking in the Event Viewer, Even
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