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  1. I tried getting the VirtualBox developers to look into this problem, but their forum blocked the uploading of the file types that I was trying to provide & no-one over there responded to the analysis provided by the Online Armor developers that I posted on their forum.

    I found that uninstalling & reinstalling VirtualBox from scratch (with Online Armor remaining installed) fixed the problem for me.

    So, if you haven't already tried to reinstall VirtualBox, it might be worth a go.

    Let us know the outcome.

    I might give it a try. Thanks.

  2. Just a day ago I had a crash related to VirtualBox. I already had VirtualBox installed and tried to install OA Premium, this caused my laptop to generate a BSOD and restart. I uninstalled VirtualBox the problem went away. So there seems to still be an issue VirtualBox and OA co-existing on the same pc.

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