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    Hi All
    I've been trying to learn internet marketing for the last 3yrs. It's always changing and there is always something new to learn. But I love it. Hope some day I might have great success.
    Here's to you!
  1. Hi Team I have windows XP OS, and Norton Anti Virus. I did a deep scan with A-Squared Free. There was 3 files that was in quarantine list. The top file, I highlighted and clicked on (add file) button, it went away. The next day the second file at the top, I highlighted and clicked on (restore) button, it went away. Now I have 1 file left at the top in the quarantine list. I highlighted it and right clicked and choose (select all) button. That file is still there. I have not made any folders or anything, just clicked on the buttons. What a mess, I'am lost. How can I get these back and send
  2. Hi Team I'am new.I ran a deep scan, and found 3 things that came up. In quarantine I high lighted a high risk file, then clicked on add-file. Don't know where it went. I still have 2 medium risk in quarantine. What is my next step to find out what these are, and fix them? Thanks
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