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  1. I bought the new version of Emisoft Armor and Anti-malware. I uninstalled the ones that were going to be outdated. I was instructed to download the 30 day version after I purchased, which I did, but now can't put in the License Keys for either product. I keep getting messages that this isn't a valid license key. Is there somewhere I have to put them in the Emisoft system again or the Cleverbridge ref #? I purchased a 2 yr package. Thanks for the help.
  2. I had to get my computer scrubbed and programs reinstalled after crash. Now, emsisoft does't recognize my Malware license and tho I can sign in here, it doesn't recognize my email or password on the download site. I don't have my Online armor license as it was on my computer when it crashed. Please help me get this sorted. Thank you, Betty
  3. Fabian, The computer I was using crashed and I had to take it in to be erased and programs reinstalled. I also gave them my Ancestry 12 CD to see if it had a problem when it was loaded. The laptop is coming back to me today with MS Security Suite on it. I know that's not enough but should I be trying to download Malware 6 on it again or go back to the former Malware program. It was not causing issues. Is E6 a Beta program? If so, could I wait til the bugs are out to download it? Any thoughts are welcome as I don't want to crash again. Thanks, Betty
  4. Hi Fabian, It's in a big red X box and says: Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item. Thanks!
  5. If you need this info to help, the program is Windows 7 home premium service, track 1, 32 bit, 3.00GB, Celeron R Dual Core Processor from Dell. I'm not seeing my question in the forum although it's been read. Not sure why? Thanks,
  6. I've been having problems for the last week as Emsis Malware was not opening. I tried uninstall and my computer still says it's on there. I downloaded the cleaning tool but it won't work as it states I don't have authorization to open. The initial problem started after I did a clean boot to download Family Tree Maker 20012 from Ancestry.com. I have had previous versions on along with malware with no problem. After I opened FTM a couple times it froze and I had to do a hard shut down. Then Emisoft said there was a major problem which was why it didn't open. I do not have regcure, or Microsoft
  7. I found I actually didn't have the permanent firewall installed, just the trial. I downloaded the permanent one tonight. I have opened the computer a couple of times now with no problem, so maybe it was a problem with the free trial version. I'll repost if I have more trouble. thank you!
  8. It worked! I imagine you aren't as surprised as I am at that...) Thank you!
  9. It has happened twice. Also the small light on the front of my laptop isn't going off when I shut down. Usually that means there is an open program.
  10. Doesn't seem to be working. Does it matter what format it's saved in? e.g. txt, rich txt, etc. Saving it in txt X2 and it still opens a box that indicates I need administrator approval when I click QooBox and delete. The other question is after I right click and choose "take ownership" it opens a C command board that just flashes and closes but I don't have a chance to read it.
  11. Everything worked ok except I can't delete Qoobox. It is in a file BackEnv which won't let me open it or delete it as the drop down states I'm not an administrator and can't access. I am in the admin. mode on my computer but it must mean for the program. Otherwise, all is good except for the problem I put on another board. Computer is starting fine and no problems surfing or working on it. Thanks so much!
  12. Any suggestions as to how to print the boxes of "CCCleaner"? I've tried printing, pasting to word pad and printing and the boxes don't show up.
  13. I've been posting on my pc is infected forum and Shadow asked me to post this problem here. I get a message box header: oaui.exe Msg: instruction at 0x77d02239 referenced memory at 0x00000014 The memory could not be written, click to terminate program. This was Shadow's response: oaui.exe is the Online Armor User Interface. There appears to be a conflict, as OAUI is trying to write to a memory location that is either already in use or is a protected location. Which, of course, will cause OAUI to crash. Your slow loading issues may be related to OAUI. You will want to start a thread in the
  14. Everything seems about the same. Emptying the Caches didn't make a big difference. When I restarted my computer this am, I got a message box: header: oaui.exe Instruction at 0x77d02239 referenced memory at 0x00000014. The memory could not be written. Click to terminate program. I have noticed the light on the front of the laptop stays on after I close indicating there is still an open program. Just the past couple days. Last log:
  15. I didn't mention before, when I ran the fix with OTL, I had to copy to wordpad and then to the box on OTL as it wouldn't copy right from notepad either. Maybe a thing with Microsoft 7? Overall, the compputer seems to be running better, I'm not getting messages saying I have to run scans as I did before. The only negative I see is that it takes longer to boot and be ready to use. Not unworkable, but longer. My last SCAN:
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