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  1. My tray icon freezes up in normal daytime use. I'll disable the item you mention and see what happens. I am not going to disable surf protection.
  2. And frozen again. Sorry if I'm boring, so I won't report this again. Just assume it continues...
  3. The tray icon froze again, just now.
  4. Well, at least I can avoid a reboot. Blocking internet connection, I run a2Start.exe and then end the three items of Malware Protection. I can then end a2guard.exe. Then I can reinstate the Malware Protection and the tray icon opens up again.
  5. Same problem here. It happened overnight and again this morning. Only a reboot seems to fix it, temporarily. If I could find a way to end a2guard.exe [it says access denied] and then restart it, it might save a reboot.