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  1. For some reason, onine armor is preventing hotfax from functioning. There is no evidence of it and no pop-up comes up to show it. There's nothing in history showing it either, but when I disable online armor, I'm able to send faxes whereas when online armor is enabled, the fax program hangs and has to be ended using "end program" in the "task manager". Was wondering what can be done to fix this? Thanks.
  2. Hard to tell if there are other problems -- verizon was down yesterday. I thought, at first, that a virus was preventing me from connecting - then found out it was verizon.
  3. Not sure how it's running yet but wouldn't it indicate a problem that Firefox can't be uninstalled? Also, I noticed a file called ie4uinit.exe that some people seem to think is a dangerous trojan. Not sure about it.
  4. I downloaded and reinstalled Firefox. The "Maintenance Service" seems to be a part of the Firefox program and downloads with it. I was still unable to remove Firefox or the Maintenance Service after the re-installation - it caused the computer to freeze.
  5. When I try to uninstall Firefox from the control panel, it causes the computer to freeze and I have to turn the power off to get it to reboot. Using Revo forced uninstall (to remove Firefox) seemed to cause Internet Explorer to stop being able to connect to anything. It wouldn't connect to the modem ( either. This seemed to cause a problem with a 2nd computer that is connected by a switch (hub?) to the modem and it wasn't able to connect to anything either. I finally did a system restore. There is a 2nd program listed below Firefox in "add/remove programs"called "Mozilla Maintenan
  6. Having problems uninstalling firefox. I tried using Revo Uninstaller and it seems to have not been able to completely remove it even using "forced uninstall".
  7. The problem doesn't seem to happen with internet explorer. Thanks for the help.
  8. Eset found another virus. I think it was where torn-tv originally came from.
  9. It may take a few days to find out. Will get back.
  10. We've been having on and off trouble with yahoo. Sometimes the browser (firefox) freezes at yahoo and has to be closed and opened again to get out of it.
  11. Not that I've noticed. It usually has on and off problems connecting to sites.
  12. Just ran Eset and it found 4 instances of Win32/InstallMonetizer.AF application
  13. Super Anti-Spyware found this: Trojan.Agent/Gen-Nullo[short] C:\SYSTEM VOLUME INFORMATION\_RESTORE{ADB0BBBE-8F18-4B20-84C5-6A12D96417CB}\RP810\A0130868.EXE
  14. The Revo uninstaller was unable to remove torn-tv by the usual method --the computer froze and I had to turn it off to reboot. I had to use the force-uninstall. It seems to have removed everything it could find of the program.
  15. I ran OTL but it didn't seem to create an "extras.txt". I've been unable to remove torn-tv. When I try to remove it from add/remove programs it causes the computer to freeze and I have to turn off the computer in order to reboot. I'm wondering if having removed the add-on from firefox might be why it won't remove from add/remove programs.
  16. Sorry - there's another person who uses the computer and I didn't mention to not reboot it - so the critical updates seem to have automatically been installed. I wasn't able to find the "extras.txt" after exiting the otl program. Is there somewhere it gets saved? Thanks for the help.
  17. Online Armor is blocking a program. In "history" it shows that a program(?) wants to control another program(?). (The ? is next to the program name.) Both programs are allowed and I can't tell what is being blocked. When I looked at the advanced options there was something blocked, so I unblocked it. Now, although history isn't showing a problem, the program still won't run. When I shut down oa, the program is able to run. I'm wondering how to find out what is being blocked? Thanks.
  18. I've been able to disable the torntv and the incredibar search bar from firefox/tools/add-ons. It's still there in internet explorer, which I usually don't use.
  19. Would you know if the 2-spyware.com forum is trustworthy? They say they have a tool to remove the torntv problem. Also, I was wondering about whether to install the critical updates for the windows xp? Thanks. I thought I had posted the log files from OTL in my previous post. I definitely pasted them into an edit - in any case, here they are: OTL logfile created on: 11/15/2012 9:37:14 PM - Run 1 OTL by OldTimer - Version Folder = C:\Documents and Settings\soma\Desktop Windows XP Professional Edition Service Pack 3 (Version = 5.1.2600) - Type = NTWorkstation Internet Explorer (V
  20. Unfortunately, we got more malware in the meantime and I ran Eset and Malwarebytes before I saw your post. Malwarebytes found 3 "pups" and removed them. The malware is torntv.exe. It put a searchbar on the browsers and hijacks to its homepage. I tried to remove it from the control panel and it jammed the computer so I had to reboot. I also posted to MajorGeeks about the torntv problem. Also, I downloaded security updates for windows xp but haven't installed them yet.
  21. Online Armor found this: 68dcaf6b-2ace-4fec-91bf-3c2ce0f29478.exe,, ( C:\WINDOWS\Temp\68dcaf6b-2ace-4fec-91bf-3c2ce0f29478.exe Hash(MD5): A16F36F49A7B9BBF1A1FD715362E39EA I don't know what it is and couldn't find anything on it from a google search. Thanks.
  22. Eset is the "online scanner". It doesn't seem to be running in real time. On a different computer, we have spybot search&destroy, and spyware blaster along with eset and avast. I had the impression that the other programs aren't running but am not sure. Thanks for the help.
  23. For Online Armor Free, when I click "update now" in "configuration" it says "in progress" and then goes back to "update now" without updating. I want to update because online armor keeps bringing up programs to accept that I have already accepted before. Most recently it brought up our antivirus program, avast, to reaccept. We had this problem in the past and were told to update online armor. The version # is The last update was June 20, 2011. We're running windows xp sp3. We have Avast antivirus. Also installed on the computer: eset malwarebytes antimalware superantisp
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