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  1. okay, i was wondering if that was possible...he has VERY basic function and is going on a trip for a training session, so he wants to keep it for now, and maybe re-open this case later...would be Wed or Thurs of next week until i would have it back...so close case if need be, and if he wants to continue (he is thinking of buying new OS and starting from fresh), will open a new thread(or will do what you suggest otherwise)...i CAN say, he did not have this "basic" function restored until i ran emcee on it and got rid of a LOT of stuff :] thanks to emsi and all their associates/employees for the awesome service!!!
  2. even if i switch the user, the other side says my security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded...and it also would not download JRT
  3. it is telling me AdwCleaner couldn't be downloaded. Also don't know if it's because i haven't used Win 7 enough, or something wrong with the computer, but i cannot seem to be able to download things directly to the desktop...have to put it in downloads, and send to from there
  4. I told my technician I would try to help him get his computer fixed, after his 14yr old gave it back to him messed up. Won't allow me to update java (error 1603), and a lot of the time you cannot download things unless you are signed in as a guest. On startup, you always get the screen that asks how you want to start it (normally etc), Originally ran both emsi and mbam scans and got rid of a LOT of stuff...re-scans don't pull up anything new, but mbam has several programs it keeps blocking. a2scan_150312-101930.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  5. performed all actions as outlined...requested logs
  6. so my dinosaur of a computer from time to time eats some of my malware programs (i.e. files get corrupted and the like).I usually just uninstall/reinstall program when this happens. I am supposed to be having it replaced within the year, but until then would like to continue running emsi freeware on it. Problem is, this time when the file got eaten, it will not let me uninstall old program, nor install the new one. logs/pics attached
  7. i thank you for all your help...thankfully, i got another used tower from work, so at least for now, i don't have to try to do the uninstall/reinstall deal
  8. i know it isn't your job, but can you please walk me though the steps? i am very afraid i will make things worse...i looked through the booklet to uninstall/reinstall, and am afraid i'd i take it all the way out,and i won't be able to reinstall properly...i have the cd, but obviously have limited knowledge as to proper procedure(where to boot, and even where to find the program to uninstall)...my instruction booklet says to go to uninstall in control panel etc, but i am afraid i am not looking at the correct program to uninstall, as nothing actually says "windows XP" or the like...here is my list of programs...i really appreciate any more help you are willing to offer
  9. okay, done...it did not ask for the cd, and it didn't seem to take but a couple of seconds for the command to complete
  10. i am not sure then where to find that...i thought that was what i had attached
  11. i hope i did it correctly...wasn't sure because on the first screen were options for c or d drive, but i did not check either before running the scan
  12. tried the usb thing, and that did not seem to work either...went on another computer, put on usb, did extract here, and this is still what i get in that file
  13. or, can i do the download on another computer and save it on a flash drive? if yes, then i can do that tomorrow morning, and try the rest of the procedure in the afternoon
  14. here is a shot of what i now get after the extract here option...should i maybe try reloading ie in safe mode to have another type of downloading option? i can open the folders that are in that file, but all seems to be in russion, and will not let me select english as language
  15. i am not sure what i am doing wrong, but i cannot seem to direct where the download goes to, and it seems the only way for me to get it to my desktop, is to send it in it's different sub-folders, so it's all separate on my desktop...my options are pretty much "open" and "show in folder"...attached are some shots of my choices if i try to click on folder etc
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