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  1. Yes, is working good and proper, thank you for your answer and help.
  2. Hi, sorry for this, but i can't normally use this software because the program after installation, if at all succeed, work max. 2 days and displays the error described wyżej- lack of connection to the service, resources / components not allow you to run the program. I can not run services in any way, the program suddenly stops, even in Safe Mode is not possible to run the service. a2AntiMalware Scans the PC for unwanted software and Provides protection from malicious code Emsisoft Ltd d: \ Program Files (x86) \ Emsisoft antimalware \ a2service.exe 2015-09-18 17:03 Emsisoft epp64 protection platforms MiniFilter File not found: C: \ kroons \ BIN \ epp64.sys Log:
  3. a2 Anti Malware is not starting over work and EAM 10 turn off protection (red alert in front panel) and turn on this modules is not possible. Delete services a2 Anti Malware: denial of access to services, turn off, erasing the service is not possible. Repair services by reinstalling the program after the restart does not possible- lack of access to services and files. The program does not start. Computer resources do not allow them to load basic protection components Whats wrong with your software- Now your EAM drive me crazy, now is 4-th time in problems with this soft !
  4. Hello, EAM 10 charged to temp folder C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Temp folder several files no known origin and destination can not be removed because they are blocked as open in the EAM. What it is , how to remove them, what are their destiny and what it is used for program files Files created 8 ‎. 10. ‎2015, ‏‎18:29:03 Atribut: AT
  5. Welcome, I have EAM 10 for Windows 7 program behaves strangely after the scanning process namely when it detects files and running scanning program does not delete selected files or moves them to the quarantine only shows the message contact the service program from the manufacturer. It is impossible to delete selected files which can be seen on the screenshot and the log after scanning. How to fix it and to force the program to normal operation - scanning should be completed delete all files - when it is and for that I have it on disk, and if not for both genders and no dai to fix it is flying to the basket, and in its place comes competition . log:
  6. I have good idea maybe create EAM or EIS apk. file for Mobile markets Android and others Phones ? Mobile AV market is very promising and constantly in a large field of developing and already has a large and Security base more or less successful, and in some there stropniu actually securing the phone but still to drive is not what it would be due to either too large uprwnien granted the application and transmission of vast amount of data from your phone or unreasonable under the draft board of the phone. Mobile EAM or EIS may be different without extensive Permission and use of mobile resource RAM etc. with good scanning engine and any other type zbaezpieczeniami-malware and secure traffic and protect files on your phone can constitute a strong and well-made alternative to the current application.
  7. EAM 10 Beta

    Emsisoft Anti-Malware - Version 10.0 Last updated: 2015-04-11 7:41:14 p.m. Scanner Settings: Scan type: Malware Scan Objects: Rootkits, Memory, Traces, Files PNP detection: Enabled Scan compressed files: Off Scanning ADS: Enabled The filter file extensions: Off Advanced cache: Enabled Direct access to the disk: Off Scanning started: 2015-04-11 8:20:12 p.m. Scanned: 68257 Found: 0 End of the scan: 2015-04-11 8:22:33 p.m. Scan lasted: 0:02:21 Disc WD 500GB scaned 141,5 GB 10 Beta works good, but maybe is time for add new more advanced tools in EAM ? Wher is full scan function in scan panel ? Emsisoft Anti-Malware - Version 10.0 Last updated: 2015-04-11 8:41:13 p.m. Scanner Settings: Scan type: User Objects: Rootkits, Memory, Traces, C: \, D: \ PNP detection: Enabled Scan compressed files: Enabled Scanning ADS: Enabled The filter file extensions: Enabled Filter starts: |.asp|.bat|.cab|.cgi|.chm|.cla|.class|.cmd|.com|.cpl|.ini|.css|.dll|.elf|.exe|.hlp|.hta|.htm|.html|.zip|.wh|.jar|.jpe|.jpeg|.jpg|.js|.jse|.lnk|.ocx|.php|.pif|.rar|.xpi|.reg|.scr|.sh|.shs|.src|.sys|.txt|.vbs|.vxd|.wmf|.doc|.docx|.xls|.xlsx|.ppt|.pptx|.pdf| Advanced cache: Enabled Direct access to the disk: Enabled Scanning started: 2015-04-11 8:44:58 p.m. Scanned: 204654 Found: 5 End of the scan: 2015-04-11 9:06:09 p.m. Scan lasted: 0:21:11 Quarantined 3
  8. install EAM 8 on drive D: /

    Thanks to all. It works very well. Just create a shortcut in EmsisoftAntiMalwareSetup.exe and enter the place of installation: EmsisoftAntiMalwareSetup.exe / dir = "D: \ Program \ folder Emsisoft Anti-Malware" Thanks for help.
  9. install EAM 8 on drive D: /

    What?! Way not change ?. if the installer includes shortcut menu line DIR target = D: \ Program Files (x86) \ Emsisoft Anti-Malware or D: / anti-rootkit and begin the installation of which is a partition of the program will be installed to D: /
  10. Hello, how to install EAM 8 on drive D: /. The software usually automatically after accepting the license installed on a drive in the C: /
  11. AVG False reading for a2services?

    Hello, yes the problem solved after editing the AVG Firewall and add a2service.exe and ad2guard.exe to withelist. No more virus screen. Problem closed. Thanks for help.
  12. AVG False reading for a2services?

    I write this post because of an infection is suspected, it's this nice Trojan at the bottom of the screenshot, which I get tired for a few days, as of now: broken and not working IE: jerking CD E: / empty all the time (like yesterday to seek scanning the disc - Kaspersky Rescue disc 10 and after pulling the plate I thought smash drive), the total lack of connections Torrent and hourly message from AVG has detected a Trojan, which was apparently removed, but then the next window is the same, so I doubt that the removal. Scan Emsisoft AM: 0 (clean), RCD Kaspersky scan boot cd 10: 0, RCD10 Kaspersky scan Windows Explorer mode: 0, LOG.TXT: OTL: i FRST Fix Log: FRST Aditional: FRST Shotcut: AdwCleaner [R0] AdwCleaner [S0] RK Report [0] _S_112 ... GMER anti-rootkit With an image that Emsisoft Anti-Malware creates some temporary files, so why AVG IS 2015 Virus detects and tells them to restart Windows in any case detect / appearance / create temp file in the C: / Windows / Temp.??? EDIT: I have not seen previously this topic please join posts with:
  13. start.a2.exe error

    Emsisoft start.a2.exe error show after manually start software generates an error and suspend the work of the computer completely crashes and system folders and settings in Windows, which began to open in a single separate windows instead of the same, the program does not respond to anything, you can not run it in August Version : Date : Wed, 22 Oct 2014 16:11:31 +0200 OS : Microsoft Windows 7 (64 bit) RAD : BDS 7.0 Dump : $8B $40 $08 $89 $45 $F8 $33 $C0 $5A $59 $59 $64 $89 $10 $68 $E3 $F3 $54 $00 $8B $45 $FC $E8 $F1 $DC $FF $FF $C3 $E9 $D3 $71 $EB Section : ExceptionHandlerHook Descr : Address : $0054F3C0 - [00400000] a2start.exe - - - - 0[0] Module : a2start.exe Exception : EAccessViolation Message : Access violation at address 0054F3C0 in module 'a2start.exe'. Read of address 00000008 Call Stack : 00 $0054F3C0 - [00400000] a2start.exe 01 $0054F3C0 - [00400000] a2start.exe LastAddr : LastModule : LastException : LastMessage : Call Stack : ActiveObj : (Non-Delphi exception) External exception C0000005 00000008 00000000 ActiveAddr : $00000000 - [00000000] a2start.exe - - - - 0[0] Bug report file is located here: D:\Rozne\Antyrootkit\Emsisoft Anti-Malware\a2start.log Learn more about internal errors (for developers):
  14. Hi, I tried to check my license and I'm looking for something for renewal on page typed the license code in the window and ... I can not use this feature because it shows me a comment about error: Sorry, suffered a technical problem. Please try again later or contact customer service. PS. Is the Emsisoft Internet Security could be added HIPS module form Anti-Malware
  15. Gdzie są -skąd można pobrać -pliki językowe do testów ? W dziale translate jest tylko pl-pl.lng Polish 79.0%, czy wersja 9.0 jest brana pod uwagę w kwestii tłumaczenia i czy prowadzone są realne prace w tym temacie, kiedy możemy oczekiwać na wydanie wersji oficjalnej tłumaczenia i w jaki sposób będzie dystrybuowana?