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  1. I guess that's possible, although I'm not exactly sure where I'd look for them. In a short while (maybe a couple of months), I'll probably be going back to the standard PC Tools Anti-Virus version, which doesn't have a firewall, so maybe that will fix the problem for me? Thanks, Mark
  2. I have Online Armor Premium Firewall (v5.0.0.110) installed on my Windows XP Pro (v2002 SP3)laptop, and it appears that it is preventing IE8 from running - as soon as I open IE, it stops responding and I have to terminate it via the Task Manager. If I Close And Shutdown Online Armor, then IE runs fine. I also suspect, but can't prove, that the firewall may be interfering with the Microsoft .NET Framework (v4). Anybody come across this before, and, more importantly, how can I get the firewall and IE to play nicely together? (As far as I know, IE is allowed to run and trusted.) I also have
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