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  1. Hi Fabian, Thanks for your reply. Itunes was already in the program list, and before it worked well. So now i've put Itunes on the exlusions list, and my phone shows up again! I understand that Itunes isn't a harmful program, but is it ok to leave on exclusions list? Sofar i used exclusions only for my AV and spyware programs.
  2. Hi all, Since yesterday when using Itunes, my iphone can't connect with Itunes anymore. Itunes itself works perfectly, but when i try to connect by wire, the iphone doesn't show up... I've had contact with Apple about it, because at first i thought it was an Itunes error, so they advised me to do a fresh install, which i did. After the fresh install, i tried to connect the iphone, but it did still not work. Next i disabled OA, restarted and the iphone showed up in Itunes. I've done this a few times, and everytime it happened. I've also done a fresh install of OA after thi
  3. The issue is fixed and everything works fine now! Thanks for the good instructions, very helpful and clear. Just in case that...i also marked rdmpserv.exe as installer. I don't know if this makes sense...anyway it works. Is it also wise to exclude the program, just in case some future issues might occur, or should i better leave it the way it is?
  4. Alhough C:\Program Files (x86)\RDM is excluded, if i look in the program list i can not find dmpserv_cpanel.exe. The only files which are in the program list are: rdmplus_desktop.exe, rdpcdd.sys, rdpencdd.sys and rdprefmp.sys.
  5. The folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\RDM+\ is excluded. I have tried to to add rdmpserv_cpanel.exe as an installer, but it should be in C:\Windows\Prefetch\... but when navigating with AO i only see C:\Windows\Prefetch\Readyboot\ and no other files, like when navigating with windows explorer.
  6. Javascript is enabled and i use the basic uploader. I tried the advanced uploader aswell, but then i get the message that i cannot upload that kind of file with the advanced uploader?
  7. Looks like the attachement is not added? After i select the file, i click on the attach this file button and nothing happens....
  8. Hi All, Recently i downloaded the app rdm+ on my iphone, for remote control of my hosts at home. Everything works fine, but for example when i want to shutdown or restart one of my hosts via my mobile, OA blocks it constantly. The blocking behaviour is caused by some timestamp which is added a t "OA >> Programs" everytime when i shutdown or restart. Because of the timestamp obviously is changing every time, OA is handling this as a new rule and approval is needed to finish it up. Some examples of the blocked rules: ~rdm_shutdown_2012.01.20122708.tmp.vbs ~rdm_shutdown_2012.01.20124
  9. Hi catprincess, Thanks for your reply! I did shut down OA completely, then it looked like the error still existed... after this i got very unpatient(by nature...) and deleted OA. Now i have installed OA again, and it seems to work fine, untill now no problems. I don't understand what happened really...but for now it works. Maybe something went wrong with the previous installation?
  10. Hi, I am having issues with online armor(free version and pop mail. It is not really a big problem, but can be very annoying at times.... When my client(i now use thunderbird, but the problem is also with different clients) tries to login to the mailserver it usually takes ages. Often i get the message that the connection is timed-out, and another time the mailserver replies that the login information is not correct??? What i can see when the process begins is that usually the problem starts when exchanging the login information, when this is finished the mail is retrieved immed
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