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  1. Sorry it took so long to get back to this thread, but issues with vision kept me off the computer for weeks. During that time I ordered and installed a 32 inch monitor to ease my eye strain and did further diagnosis. Also, I have finally resolved this issue. Steps I took Ran memtest86 twice for 16 hours or more. No issues found. Ran sfc - no issues found. Ran dism - no issues found. Installed all the latest drivers for all components. Installed all MS updates. POST - normal - no error beeps. Looked at event viewer - no help - usually called out ntoskrnl. System degraded further the longer it ran. Led me to believe there was a heat issue. Used an external fan to further cool the system. No help. Considered replacing the power supply but decided against it because 2 other operating systems ran fine (Ubuntu and OSx Snow Leopard). Replaced keyboard and mouse. No change. Disabled onboard ethernet adapter and used wifi adapter. No change. Windows continued to degrade with more and more BSOD's. Booted to safe mode and system stabilized. Checked which drivers were loaded and Nvidia drivers were absent. System was running with Windows default graphics driver. Decided to upgrade my GTX 950 GPU to a GTX 1050 TI. In safe mode I ran DDU Uninstaller to remove all GPU drivers. Shutdown, removed 950 GPU and installed 1050 GPU. Booted into normal mode without a network connection to prevent windows updating GPU driver. Set windows update not to download drivers. Installed EVGA 1050 drivers (which appear by size to be exactly the same as the 950 drivers). Rebooted with network connection. System stable. EEK runs both types of scans with no issues. With new GPU system has been stable for the last 2 days. Again, sorry for the delayed update. Thank you all for your assistance with this issue.
  2. Just finished running memtest. Ran for 16 hours and 10 passes. No errors. I also ran the Microsoft memory test with no issues. I may try MS Driver Verifier to see if it picks out a faulty driver. May be a few days till I get to it as I'm currently having issues with my eyes. Will report back after Driver Verifier. Any further suggestions?
  3. Good news and bad news. I was able to compress the full memory dump using 7zip as you suggested with the settings you suggested. The bad news is that the compressed file is 3.12gb. I re-compressed using volumes and it created 4 files at 700mb and 1 file at 488mb for a total of 5 files. How would you suggest I get them to you?
  4. Sorry for the delay in my responses. Heavy work week with earlier than normal start time. Will work on getting the dump file to you hopefully today. Patience please.
  5. Update On 06/02/18 I downloaded and installed all ASUS motherboard drivers. I ran EEK Custom scan twice and both times it completed successfully. On 06/03/18 I booted up my 1803 system and ran EEK Custom scan and the computer locked up. I rebooted and ran the Enable batch file and rebooted again. I ran EEK Malware scan - no issue. I ran EEk Custom scan - and system reset itself and produced a 16gb dump file. Changed page file max size to reduce size of dump file and set to automatic memory dump. Ran EEK Custom scan and system blue screend with "Page fault in non paged area". Delted my C:\EEK folder and downloaded and installed latest EEK to C:\EEK Ran Custom scan and system blue screened with "Kernal security check failure". Rebooted and renamed epp.sys to bak. Ran custom scan - scan got to 20% and just quit. No blue screen, no reset, no dumps. Started EEK custom scan again and got to 60% and Blue screend with "System service exception". Usually when it blue screens it blue screens at 80%. Updated the firmware of the SSD and ran custom scan.BS with "System service exception". On 06/04/18 I decided to boot into safe mode and run a custom scan. As was expected I did get a blue screen. However, immediately preceeding the blue screen I got a pop up box stating there was an appliction error with a2?????????. I tried to get a screen shot with snipping tool, but the system then blue screened so I was unable to get the remainder of the message. I then restarted in safe mode and started snipping tool then eek and this time while running eek the system hung completely. The Ctrl Scrl Lock did not work. I rebooted again in safe mode, started snipping tool, and ran a custom scan. This time the system blue screened with "Memory Management". It seems that each time I run a custom scan I get different results.
  6. This system in the last 4 years has never had Hangs, BSOD's, or blue screens. This issue started towards the end of April and only presents itself when I run a custom scan. This motherboard does not have dual bios so there is no way to roll back in the event of a flash failure. I think the usb flash bios update may be ok since the operating system and applications are not involved. That however is a last resort. I will be downloading all the motherboard updates and hopefully applying them this weekend. I will keep you posted.
  7. Jeremy, I will verify the screen shots of 1803 and redo if necessary. The SSD has 96gb of free space. I'm not aware of any bios setting the forces a bsod. My motherboard is an ASUS H170 PRO - been running for 4 years. GT500, I have not downloaded the latest motherboard drivers but I was considering updating the BIOS to the latest revision as I am on the initial release. Updating the drivers for the motherboard will take some time so that will have to be a weekend project. I'm hesitant to do the bios update because of the blue screens, but since the operating system will not be in play it may be worth a shot. What do you think? I'm really curious as to why the custom scan worked 2 times in succession yesterday but failed today.
  8. Jeremy - I usually disable the batch after testing so it wasn't running. As for the reset, it goes to a black screen and then reboots. Just as if I pressed the reset button on the computer case. The SSD I'm using to test is a new install of Win 10 Pro 64 bit with barely anything installed. I'm using it as a test bed because my production SSD Win 10 Pro 64bit version 1709 will not update to 1803.
  9. GT500 - Yesterday I renamed epp.sys to epp.sys.bak. I then restarted and ran EEK Custom scan and it completed successfully. I ran it a second time and it completed successfully. I did notice however that on the first run the percentage counter was much lower than usual. The counter usually gets to 80% rather quickly. On the first run it was only in the 70% range at about the same time interval. The second run it was at 80% very quickly. I did the chkdsk command prior to making any changes and it did not find any issues. I also ran Memtest86+ for 4 hours with 2 passes and no errors reported. It was after those tests that I renamed the file and successfully did a custom scan. This morning tried the scan again and it hung the system. I did not have the enable batch running so I rebooted, ran the enable batch, rebooted, started a scan and this time the system reset without a hang , blue screen or ctrl scrl lock combination. Again, the percentage counter was different between the first scan and the second. It appears that the enable batch does not function properly as I never get to try the key combination the system just resets and no memory dmp is created. Would using a standard serial port keyboard be useful rather than an Apple usb keyboard? The system is completely stable for everything else I do. Here is the results of chkdsk
  10. GT500 - Here is the memory dump from 1803 test ssd <URL removed>
  11. This morning I started the enable batch file on my1803 test SSD and then ran eek custom scan. Windows blue screened with "System Thread Exception Not Handled". I did not have to use the Ctrl ScrlLock combination to produce the dump. Could not send memory.dmp file as in zipped format it is 184mb Is there another way to get the file to you?
  12. Thanks for your insight Jeremy. GT500 - the dump file attached was created on my production SSD. The following are settings for Performance and Startup and Recovery. My system has 16gb of memory. Hope this is helpful. 052918-5484-01.dmp
  13. The dumps I sent were from the windows/Minidmp folder. I think I have made some progress on my Win 10 Ver 1803 system. Windows incorrectly identified my Marvell 6g add on card as a standard ahci controller. I downloaded the correct drivers for the add on, installed them and now the add on is identified as "Marvell 92xx SATA 6G Controller". I ran EEK with a custom scan and it completed successfully. I will do a couple more scan just to make sure. I still have the issue on my production system (Win 10 Pro Ver 1709) but I think the onboard sata controller may be identified incorrectly also. I am going to move the production SSD to the bay that uses the add on card and see if it scans correctly which will further convince me that the onboard controller is mis-identified. As a side topic, is it better to do a Malware scan or a Custom scan? I will report back with my further testing.
  14. Earlier today I made changes to the performance settings. I created a custom page file of initial size=8278 and Max size = to 8278. The computer successfully crash and creates a dump when I do a custom scan. I have two dump files. I did execute your batch file, but never got to use it as I now get a blue screen. 052818-4234-01.dmp 052818-4812-01.dmp
  15. When do I use the CTRL SCroll LOCK key combination? If the keyboard locks up how will these keys work? I've been doing some further testing and what was working for me in my last post is no longer working. The only changes I have made to the system is that I have added Gimp 2 and Firefox to the system. But I will try the batch file when the system locks up.