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  1. Hi Lynx, Thanks. I’ve submitted the files as ‘false alerts’ as you suggested. This time and the last two times I did this, I got messages saying ‘server error’ and ‘not all files could be sent’ so I’m not sure if they received them all (or any). I’ve added another file (which had no Chinese characters in it) to quarantine and restored it and it worked fine and the date displayed was correct. I mentioned the date because I’ve noticed another strange thing. The files I’m having trouble with are dated 1/1/1970 in quarantine. I think that TTPlayer does tend to have spyware or adware attached sometimes as some Chinese download sites add it but there are sites where you can download it spyware and adware free. It does connect to the internet to download and display song lyrics but I haven’t noticed any pop up ads on this version. Its understandable that its under investigation as suspect though.
  2. Hi Lynx, I think Simplified Chinese could be the culprit here. My operating system is the English language version but for non-unicode characters I had it set to simplified Chinese because I’m learning Chinese. The TT media player was a Chinese language version too but another item in quarantine was not a Chinese language version and that won’t restore either. I changed the non-unicode setting back to English and then tried to restore the quarantined files but it didn’t work. None of the files were back in position after selecting restore but I did a system restore and got some of them back. I actually saved the report on this and I’ve attached it. The real time antivirus software is on all of the time and was on during the A-squared scan so, I’ll temporarily disconnect from the internet and switch that off during scans in future. There were no warnings from Mcafee during the A2 scan. The flagged items are still in the quarantine file and I’ve sent them to the EMSI developers. Might it be worth making a copy of the quarantine file and then adding this to quarantine manually and then trying to restore it from the copy? Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi Lynx, Thank you for your help and sorry I posted this in the wrong section. I’m using the free version of A2. I attached the ‘save quarantine list’ report but there doesn’t seem to be much on the file. Windows XP Professional (2002) service pack 3 McAfee Antivirus software which includes a firewall Malwarebytes (free version) SuperAntiSpyware (free version) HijackThis
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new here and need a little advice if anyone has time. My TT media player was detected as a threat and I selected quarantine without checking the details. Now I'm not able to use the media player and I would like it back with all of the original settings and files if possible. First I select all the quarantined files and they turn blue, then I click on 'Restore'. The 'Restore' button goes a solid blue colour (losed the pale blue horizontal line at the top) then goes back to how it was originally and nothing happens to the selected files. Thank you in advance.