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  1. Good point (among other things in those logs) but I would think that EIS will handle those once running. Clean up the AVs then EEK ?
  2. If the update from v11 to v12 does not take, your (Magic_The) logs show that there are remains from Kaspersky, Norton and Bitdefender running on your system. You may need to run cleanup utilities from each of those vendors before any new Security Software functions properly. Just my two cents worth ...
  3. On my system, I had two MS services blocked during the reboot after the installs of MS updates yesterday. Unlike your systems there, there was no popups from OA on any boots (did restart the system several times to check) and both EAM / OA may have been running but there was no UI available. I had to boot into Safe Mode and do a system restore to before the MS updates, check what OA had blocked, change those to trusted, put OA into Learning mode and then install all the updates again (tried once without Learning mode but the system came back as the first MS updates attempt - desktop loads somewhat but the user has no access to any programs or services). If files are updated during boot / restart it seems that OA has no way to verify that they are safe?????
  4. Just a quick question: are you logged in as an Administrator or under a limited User account?
  5. For point #1, you are correct. Point #2, however, is a little puzzling. Do you have Teatimer enabled in Spybot? Has there been a version update since the last time you ran Spybot?
  6. For more info on the localhost and IP designation, you can read the information here and find more about the standards organization here. For point #1, OA will not allow a malicous program to have any network traffic at all. OA is a firewall (mainly) and is only concerned with weither or not the network traffic came from (or is going to) a known trusted / good program; it is not concerned that the file being downloaded (as an example) could be a virus (the down load could be zipped / compressed and thus inactive) but rather that the network traffic is proper according to established protocols and that the program recieving / requesting the traffic is an "allowed to do so" program. Once the "payload" of the network traffic is received, the data becomes the concern of other functions (such as File Gaurd / Behavior Blocker in EAM or other antimalware programs). As to point #2, is the "Hide Trusted" checked in the Hosts File screen (Spybot is most likely a trusted program)? If you find Spybot as a trusted "Hosts File" program (list in green and with an 'allow' status) then you will not get any notification when Spybot changes the Hosts file on your system.
  7. I code therefore I am ......

  8. Advanced mode is only available in the OA Premium and OA++ versions (paid license).
  9. You did not mention your version of OA; I have v5 running on Win7 SP1 (32b) with no problems. What version are you using? Are you 'moving' the program from one machine to another?
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