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  1. My problem was caused by a conflict with files from previous versions of Emsisoft products. Fabian logged into my machine using TeamViewer and deleted the files. Now all is well. Install TeamViewer on your computer (if you don't already have it installed) then ask the Emsisoft support staff to perform the clean-up for you.
  2. Hi Fabian -- Many thanks for the assistance - it was much appreciated !
  3. Hi Fabian I downloaded EIS, I then removed the current installation, restarted the computer twice, then installed the downloaded file. The installation froze and eventually had to be stopped via Task Manager. Noted Internet connectivity was cut. The Emsisoft Network Filter was missing from the network adapter properties. When I looked at the properties Windows reported that the property sheets were already open. The Emsisoft Protection Service was installed but not started. The a2* process was running. My guess is that the install failed whilst attempting to add the Emsisoft N
  4. Having received version 5631 I restarted the computer. When EIS failed to start the firewall - even manually - I restarted the computer once again, then went looking. I noted that the Emsisoft Protection Service had not started (even though set to 'Automatic') so I attempted to start the service manually. The service refused to start, reporting the following error message: "Windows could not start the Emsisoft Protection Service service on Local Computer. Error 1075: The dependency service does not exist or has been marked for deletion." I also noted that the Emsisoft Network Filte
  5. My apologies for being a pain but when do you expect the beta to go live ?
  6. Does the beta reduce interaction with downloading / streaming files ? If yes it may be worth the trouble: if not I think that I will give it a miss. What do you suggest ?
  7. The scheduled scan completed without incident. Many thanks for the assist.
  8. The machine on which EIS is installed is, as per my details, running Windows 7 Ultimate. I followed your instructions to update to the current beta version of EIS. Unfortunately EIS refused to start - due to a process not running - so I ended up uninstalling the beta version & reinstalling the current release version. NB: The update to beta did not install the Emsisoft Network Filter. Was this intentional ?
  9. I noticed that the last signatures update had taken place last night, so I rebooted the computer and performed a manual update. I was then able to perform a full system scan, The next system scan is scheduled for tomorrow, so here's hoping !
  10. The above message popped up shortly after EIS was unable to complete a scan of my PC, this even though I made several attempts. Your guidance would be appreciated. PS I was able to complete a scan with Malwarebytes without incident.
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