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  1. For myself, I find that OASRV starts off at around 2% then gradually increases until it consumes 50%.


    This appears to happen irrespective of whether or not I am using the machine e.g. during the week-end, when basically all I do is retrieve my email using Outlook.


    I'll grant that it takes longer to get to 50% when the machine is not used, but the end result is the same. This (to me) indicates that the problem might lie with OA fighting with one of the services, rather than an application.


    My current "solution" - as suggested by Arthur (above) - is to restart Online Armor when the machine slows <sigh>


    PS I use IE11 for browsing.

  2. bobbonomo -


    I reboot my PC every morning. Even then I find that I have to stop/restart OA at least twice a day in order to 'reset' OA.


    Worse still, I find that if I leave my PC for a couple of hours - with no applications running - the OA usage still climbs.


    This makes Fabian's suggestion (i.e. close down all applications and monitor OA) a tad difficult since the "interaction" appears to point to one of the Microsoft services or one of those TSR (terminate and stay resident) stubs.


    My network traffic is limited to browsing with IE11 with only the Shockwave add-in enabled, so network traffic is minimal. I would be very interested to hear if Wireshark reports anything of interest.


    Finally, you will find a number of topics on this forum - going back some time - complaining about OA's high utilisation. Unfortunately we all still wait a resolution <sigh>


    - haiku

  3. I unfortunately do not still have the log.


    That said: reading through the log I discovered that File Guard was looping, calling repeatedly for details of a set that included "C:", "C:\Windows" plus a few others - and it looked as though it was stuck in the loop.


    Once I disabled File Guard the EAM scan times dropped to four hours plus: better than six hours but nowhere near the previous < two hours.


    BTW is there a forum setting than will notify me of any new postings in a thread that I am following ?


    Many thanks



  4. I regret to say this but the latest update(s) to EAM will probably cause me to drop all of Emsisoft's products.


    After reinstalling (twice) my scan times remain at three times what they were.


    And this morning I found my machine hanging - something that never happens <sigh> - with the result that none of my overnight processing took place


    In short: damn & dash !

  5. Hi -


    Following an update problem - that caused my PC to permanently run at 100% - I uninstalled EAM, then downloaded and installed the latest version of EAM. 


    The reinstall took place on the 11th July.


    Since then my PC's daily scan - which in the past took less than two hours - took 6:57 hours (on the 12th) and 5:33 hours (on the 13th).


    Herewith the log report for this morning:



    Emsisoft Anti-Malware - Version 9.0
    Last update: 2014/07/13 02:01:47 AM
    User account: *****\*****


    Scan settings:


    Scan type: Custom Scan
    Objects: Rootkits, Memory, Traces, C:\, D:\, E:\


    Detect PUPs: On
    Scan archives: On
    ADS Scan: On
    File extension filter: Off
    Advanced caching: On
    Direct disk access: Off


    Scan start: 2014/07/13 03:30:04 AM


    Scanned 414203
    Found 0


    Scan end: 2014/07/13 09:03:33 AM
    Scan time: 5:33:29


    Any suggestions appreciated.



    I also have a second problem: the scan appears to insist on displaying a report when it ends. This prevents other automated tasks - including a reboot - to execute.


    Any ideas as  to how I can prevent this ?


    Kind regards




  6. Many thanks for the prompt reply.


    I am also having problems with oasrv chewing memory <sigh> so maybe a complete reinstall of both products wouldn't go amiss.


    Any idea of how cleanly the products uninstall ?  I hate the thought of little bits of code hanging around ...

  7. I restarted my PC - as per Emsisoft's requirements - after the update that I received yesterday.


    Since then (nearly twelve hours ago) - and despite two (additional) restarts - my system is now running at 100%, with a2service consuming as much as 49%.


    a2guard is consuming as much as 18%, a2start up to 20%, with an associated (?) svchost consuming most of whatever is left.


    All Anti-Malware updates show as successful.


    A full Anti-Malware scan at 03h30 this morning shows no problems.


    In short: HELP !!!

  8. Hi Arthur -


    No change with Dropbox added to the Exclusions.


    BTW my last post appears to be missing ??


    My machine has a dual-core processor, so when I say that the CPU is running at 50% utilization I mean that OAsrv is hogging one of the CPU's.


    I therefore believe that this thread should be read in conjunction with the thread started by ruirib: "OA taking up 100% CPU"




    -- haiku

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