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  1. Have you tried starting O.A. manually >after< your computer boots - not automatically when your computer is booting? That cured my problem.
  2. Thank you , thank you for the suggestion - and for the great insight. I tried different modifications (unsuccessfully) but never thought to reboot. I'd just exit OA and restart it.
  3. First, thank you for your help ! Yes, so I unblocked the "trusted" box. The progarm and one of its dlls >is< labeled "allowed" and with a green check mark. However, the program, pkzip, stops loading with the error message ("Unable to load module") for a dll that I >can not< find listed anywhere except in history.
  4. I've blocked a module permanently, but now wish to allow the program to run. Two of its dll's are disabled and listed in "History". But, I can't find the program or dll's listed where I can unblock them. Please help. Thank you.
  5. Online Armor free, when scheduled to load at boot-time, increases my boot-time from about 40 seconds to several minutes. While waiting, THE "Blue Screen of Death" is displayed. HOWEVER, if I load (mouse click) O.A. AFTER the boot is completed, no problem !
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