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  1. PS. to my first message: When I un-"block all network traffic" the little padlock does go away from the OA icon. Yes I do see ports 67 and 68 listed under "Firewall -> Rules -> Ports for svchost for port 67 and 68" After enabling logging for "Blocked events" under Options -> Firewall, there are no blocked entries reported after multiple occurrences of the problem. I have now determined that: When I have the fault condition -> if I right-click the OA icon and then un-tick(check) the "Firewall" selection (eg disable the firewall component) I am able to immediately 'repair' the wi
  2. Hi - I've just installed Online Armor Free V5 for the first time. My searches didn't show this topic so I'll start a new topic. I regularly need to stop all internet access. After the internet is working fine: I stop the network access by right-click on the notification tray icon and select "block all network traffic" - it then shows a padlock over the OA icon. [good so far] To restart the connection I do the same procedure - but it doesn't work. My network connection icon always then shows no connection - no matter how long I wait. The network repair function gives the following error:
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