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  1. Huh. Seriously? I mean, it's good to hear that my system seems clean, but if nightly scans aren't picking up even the website cookies & such that it used to, it's kind of like it's not showing the results it used to. I guess I'll try running scans less frequently & see what happens. Thanks for your help through all this! One last question: What should I with OTL, AVZ, EEK, etc. now? Delete, uninstall, keep?
  2. Ouch, sorry to hear that, hope you're feeling better! As for my system, a-squared's still not detecting anything in my nightly Deep Scans. I noticed some red text in that last AVZ scan about a Trojan/keylogger in the Emsisoft folder, could that be the culprit?
  3. Ooooooooooookay... my genius brain only NOW just figured out that you probably meant for me to run AVZ's Advanced System Analysis & attach THAT log, so here it is. Sorry it took so long.
  4. Anything else I can do? I still can't find any log (or any AVZ file) for the 11th, only that empty folder.
  5. Just ran that, and I really feel dumb for asking this, but... where would this new log be? The 3 files in the LOG folder seem to be the same 3 that were created yesterday & have a July 10th date associated. The only thing in the avz folder that has today's (July 11) date is a "Backup" folder which is empty.
  6. I'm posting this from my phone, because ComboFix seems to be going insane. I did everything as instructed, and now that my PC rebooted, the blue ComboFix window opens & closes very rapidly, like a cascading series of window prompts. I let it go for a half hour & then tried to stop it with Task Manager, to no avail. Not knowing whether this is supposed to happen or not, I decided to restart the system... and the ComboFix windows just started cascading again. What's happening? ::EDIT:: And now I'm posting from my PC. I kinda panicked & just shut down my computer, and when I starte
  7. Ok, I -think- I ran Combo-Fix. I downloaded ComboFix, saved it as "Combo-Fix.exe", disabled a-squared, and ran ComboFix. I got called away a few minutes into running it, and when I came back there was a Microsoft window that said "Registry Editor has stopped working. Windows is checking for a solution." I closed that window, taking care to not click anywhere else. Once the ComboFix log was generated, the same Registry Editor error window came up again, so I clicked it closed & saved the log. I hope it didn't interfere with the ComboFix process, but here's the log I saved. I don't kn
  8. Okay, I pasted that into OTL & clicked Run Fix. Here's the new log:
  9. I'll paste that in when I get home tonight. I do want to state though, that while I did use a cracked version initially, I've been a paying subscriber for close to 2 years now. I can provide billing statements if it matters.
  10. Ran a Deep Scan overnight which again found no results. It also appears to have scanned only Files, and not any Processes, Traces or Cookies.
  11. Oh, good lord I should've thought of that haha. The very first time I ran OTL, it created the log right on the desktop. Here's the logs from before and then after installing a-squared 5.1.
  12. Okay, the Deep Scan locked up at 4% of the Traces Scanned stage. I then remembered having a similar problem long ago with lockups, so I decided to uninstall & reinstall, which fixed the problem back then. And when I looked in my Control Panel's Uninstall Programs list, there I saw a-squared 4.5 as the only version there. Again, the Security Status screen in a-squared shows, so something's obviously wrong. I downloaded the current installer from the Emsisoft page, uninstalled 4.5, and installed 5.1. I only had time before work to run the Quick Scan, which yielded no results.
  13. That's odd... the Security Status screen says I've got version, was there something in the log that indicated version 4.5? I updated Java to Java 6 update 26, and updated Adobe Reader to 9.4.0 (I wasn't sure if something called X 10.1 was for my system or not.) I uninstalled Java 6 Update 11, Update 6, Update 7, and Adobe Reader 8.3.0 and then ran OTL, pasted the text, and chose Run Fix as directed. I let it run, and had it reboot when it prompted me to, but this time no log was ever produced, before or after reboot. I just ran a Quick Scan in a-squared, with no results. I'll let
  14. A couple weeks ago, I noticed my nightly a-squared Deep Scans weren't bringing up any results. Usually it detects viruses, and at the very least detects numerous cookies on a nightly basis. I update nightly before scanning, and since the scans kept bringing up zero results, I decided to try Malwarebytes, and then later Stopzilla, both of which detected trojans. Malwarebytes claimed to delete these trojans on restart, yet they kept showing up in subsequent scans. I then tried Stopzilla, which found them, but would not remove them unless I opted to buy the $50 software subscription. So I'm
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