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  1. I't think I've found where is the catch with /dq and BF detections. /dq don't delete JAR and APK files if they are detected with BF engine.
  2. /dq problem with BD detections seems to be fixed.
  3. After last update, BitDefender engine is enabled. However, /dq switch don't delete samples detected by BF engine.
  4. I've runned a2cmd from standalone CLS package downloaded from http://download1.emsisoft.com/a2cmd.zip
  5. I'm scanned a bunch of samples with updated CLS and detection rate was really low with no (B) detections. This file was not detected altough it was detected with BitDefender on VirusTotal. https://www.virustotal.com/file/5570befbb6ba0ac31e085e62a187e1f139256425c6efa793c961e1701c4c94a2/analysis/1348327445/ Scanner was run with this switches: a2cmd.exe /f="scanfolder" /r /a /h /n /dq /log="%CD%\!!Log.txt" and it produced attached log. Is this bug or missing command line switch? Regards.
  6. It generate error with: However I noticed it doesn't crash when I exclude /log switch. I think I'm found what is a problem. New version doesn't consider a2cmd.exe folder as current directory for /log and /l switch or it is trying to create folder with name of file so when I run scan with those parameters: it works like charm. Lynx, big thanks. Regards.
  7. I had a prompt and I sent crash report.
  8. Yesterday I runned update and CLI scanner binaries was updated to new version After that each time I run scan with it crashes. When I restore to it works without problems. Parameters: a2cmd.exe /f=scanfolder /r /a /n /dq /log=!!Log.txt Any idea what is cause of the problem? I'm using XP SP3 with KAV and CFW 5.5 but I don't think they are problem.
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