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  1. Thanks I will try site .... but I am NOT taking my pc to a "fix it shop" I am very stubborn! everything I know about computers is because of ME!! Fix it shops try to gouge you!! When I got this system I rebuilt it myself!! It is a Dell built in 2005. I have figured out everything else about this system and I am not going to let a memory problem turn me into a PUNK!! I replaced the memory just two years ago! Wow I am hurt that memory is failing again....
  2. ok... so far I have reset my memory in my system (taking memory out and reinserting it .... but I am not sure if this has fixed the problem.... I haven't tried to look at video's , don't want system to crash again. Recently I had a very nasty Trojan on my system .... could that be my same problem even though I used the emergency kit to test my system?The ER kit say's my system is fine.... Good Lord.... I am so confused!!
  3. I know I am going overboard with the apologies .... but how would I go about checking my memory. I have never noticed this problem before so how can I check my memory to see if this is true?
  4. Hi Catprincess!! My Sis was a foreign exchange student who was in Australia for a year....so "Good-day Mate"!! I already uploaded the minidumps to OA as they happened I am not sure how to find them again on my system .... but I haven't deleted anything. so ... I should upload them again?? How would I find them to do this? (sorry I sound like a dork but man times have changed!!)
  5. Hello all .... This is my first post. I went through all the other post but I haven't found the same problem that I am having hence my post. I am using Windows XP SP3 and OA ++ (free 30 day tryout) for the first couple of days it has been AWESOME, but for some unknown reason to me I keep getting the blue screen and then auto reboot each time I watch any type of video on the net (Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube). It doesn't matter if I use IE8 or the latest Firefox (as of todays date). My Windows version is 32 bit. I have no other security on my pc but OA++. I have updoaded each time I have suffer
  6. Hello fellow Emsisofter's giggles!! New here still learning my way around ....

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