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  1. hey; yup added both programs to each others exclusion list, 1 of 1st things i did; since disabling hips, haven't had anymore complaints from dr watson or no disk error; have located dr watson error file & will attach; online armor free is version avira antivirus is version v8.02.06.06-7/10/2011
  2. hi; just rememberd after trolling help forums, that on old p.c had to deactivate hips; as conflicted with avira antivrus guard ; had trend micro's rubotted to help compensate; & didn't appear to have any trouble; will use this way for awhile & see how goes;
  3. hey; appears i spoke to soon; just had trouble with windows Dr Watson debugger, saying oausrv.dll in conflict or not registered;windows error log doesn't seem to have any event relating to error; removed online armor firewall, but noticed oaevent.dll & oawatch.dll wouldn't remove even after reboot; did windows check disk & everything 100%, reinstalled firewall & allowed wizard to run check; & now just crossing fingers, eyes & toes, that things are o.k
  4. hi; thnx for advice; i uninstalled hp printer using iobit toolbox ,which does registry scan also; deleted all bits & did system restore to before 1st hp install; reinstalled hp & seems to be working fine & so far no oaui.exe-no disc pop ups
  5. hi, from down unda; i have recently installed windows xp prof sp3 o.s, to a newer pc, with online armor firewall free edition, & avira antivirus, i was in process of installing my hp photosmart all in one printer(c4180) & keep getting continuous pop ups, although i had ticked boxes ( remember my options,trust/install mode) had @ least 50 pop ups, & caused a fatal error with hp install; uninstalled hp printer & reinstalled, & seems to be working correctly; but now have pop up window that say OAUI.exe-no disk & have to click on 1/2 dozen times before disappears, sam
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