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  1. Thanks Kevin. Things are looking good so far.
  2. Thanks kevin---yeah, I swapped them out, seems to be running better. I'm happy the logs are clean. Much relieved. Thanks so much for your fix. Greatly appreciated. Shall we leave the thread open for a few days, just until I'm certain everything's good? Again----Thank you Frank
  3. Maybe I should put the old RAM back in, as well as the old Atheros network adapter, and run new scans for you
  4. I shoud add that i recently installed 16GB corsair vengeanceRAM a week or so ago. Had 8 GB oem samsung RAM. , unsure if that had anything to do with this. The specs say the new RAM is compatible. Other than that, I have no idea what is going on. All the mistakes you see in the last two emails are computer induced. Not mine. I left them in so you could get an idea of what the keyboard is doing. something just blocked all the text, as if to cut and paste it. I'm currently having a hard d time sending this post.
  5. Hey Kevin-- here are the new scans. The keyboard is acting up, cursor stops in the middle of a letter, charachers i type don't disply, letters fail to appear, blank spaces where letters should be, wrong letters appear that i didn't type. I'm afraid to do anything more than run scans in dialogue with you. FRST.txt scan_151021-134217.txt
  6. Hey Kevin, thanks for the help. Much appreciated. My notebook is doing odd things---pop ups tellingme I have to reformat both of my hard drives if I want them to work. I ran emsisoft and it found 2 items, which I deleted. (stupidly---I wasn't thinking). Then I rebooted. It wouldn't get past the post screen. I repeated attempt, but to same effect. So I disconnected my external hard drive and tried it again. It worked. I ran the fix. Report is attached. Fixlog.txt
  7. Hi there--- Received a warning popup from emsisoft program warning of an infected kernel which could not be quarantined or removed as it is essential to win operation. The warning indicated the following file: C:\Windows\System32\pcalua.exe Popup instructed me to contact you for safe removal. I was in the middle of installing the driver for an Azurewave wifi network adapter. I obtained the driver online. The site may have been questionable. I have an Asus k55vm notebook. Thanks for helping me out with this issue. Frank scan_151015-233618.txt Addition.txt FRST
  8. By the way, Shadow, I did save all the log files from those previous scans if you'd like to take a look at them for any reason. Thanks again.
  9. Hey Shadow-- As previously stated, I ran 3 up-to-date malware detection scans, and I had approx. 312 medium risk hits, plus 2 high risk trojan hits. For this laptop (running Windows 7) the Java and skype didn't seem extremely out of date, so I didn't do anything to it. I'm just really confused by all the positives. Do I leave them on the machine, or delete them? Both have Norton security suite running in the background, but which I turned off during scanning. What are your recommendations for proceeding?
  10. Hi Shadow---thanks for the help, much appreciated. I have to say that I'm a bit surprised that neither machine appears infected. I ran scans using the latest version of Emsisoft Anti-malware, Spybot, and AntiMalwarebytes, not to mention the Emsisoft Emergency Kit---and they all returned multiple positives. But I neither quarantined nor deleted any suspect files. The primary association for the high-risk trojan hit appeared in relation to something called 'mywebsearch/bar'. The rest were mostly medium-risk. The vista laptop had 59 hits. So I'm confused. Were they all false positives? I shoul
  11. Hi there--- I have two gateway laptops belonging to my two college-student nieces---one runs windows 7; the other other runs Vista. Each are infected with the same trojan, as well as an assortment of medium risk malware. Each has about 4G of RAM. No matter how many background programs are terminated through Task Manager, at least 1.34 - 1.48G of Ram remain under load, as if they are dedicated to a particular, though invisible, function. Both computers are slow, and when the are under heavy load, programs begin to crash. Under light usage, both computers run adequately. I have downloaded and
  12. "Submit services.exe and C:\WINDOWS\Installer\327cf.msi files from the detection list to EMSI developers" The files have been submitted. I will assume that it is ok to ignore further appearances of the trojan detections as FPs, until a fix has been implemented by Emsi. Once again---Thank You, Lynx, for your consideration and help. Greatly appreciated. All the best--- f
  13. "Submit services.exe and C:\WINDOWS\Installer\327cf.msi files from the detection list to EMSI developers" How do I go about submitting these two files---is there a reference sheet somewhere that explains the procedure?
  14. Thank you, Lynx. Really appreciate your response. I just ran another asquared deep scan---another instance of the trojan dropper showed up; plus a trojan.win32spy110080.7!a2. So it's not looking too good. I have a lot of research on this machine. Now I'm worried. Please find the requisite logs from most recent scans: And thanks again for your assistance.
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