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  1. Please clarify. I use OA Free, which does not include Banking Mode. Yet, my list of domains is huge. Is the Domains list needed in OA Free? If so, how is it used? How much overhead does this increasingly growing list add? Over time, OA has historically slowed up my surfing time to the point that many sites time out unless I shut OA off. Reinstalling OA from scratch typically and double rebooting typically has solved this issue in the past; however, I never learned what causes the problem or why this reinstall procedure solves the problem. Is it due, at least in part, to the growing Domains list? If there is another thread that answers #2, please just send me the link. [i've looked for years to no avail....]
  2. ctrlaltdelete-- Well, I have taken a slightly different route than you suggest, perhaps more risky, but--hey--life's short. I did download Autoruns, which provided no addidtional useful information other than it was starting as a service. It did not show up in when I listed my services, however, so I never knew it was categorized as one. However, I unchecked the box next to it so that it would not start on boot. From a pure research perspective, this was a bad thing to do because--as I found out--it not only did not trigger an OA alert, I can find no other record of it on my PC, so I may have come to the end of my path in the quest to find out what cpu_z135.sys was doing--and how it launched. On the other hand, the problem seems to be gone with no immediate change in my system other than one fewer alert is popping up. I'll give it a few days to a week and report back if there are new issues, particularly with Soluto. Thanks for your help! --DrBB01
  3. Soluto must be part of the issue. I recently installed it about the time the issue arose. It does show up in Autoruns, but not Programs. In fact it shows up multiple times--but grayed out (presumably once for each time it runs and is deleted). In Autoruns, all copies of the listing are identical: File name is "C:\Windows emp\cpuz135\cpuz135_x64.sys" File Date is "12/30/1899" Registry Keys: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\services\cpuz135\ImagePath" All of the other fields are blank. The "cpuz135" registry branch does not exist in the registry, supporting the hypothesis the program is created, then deleted by Soluto. BTW, I searched my hard drive for CPUID and cpuz135. How did you hit on Soluto as a possible cause? I didn't find this connection in a web search. Can I assume this is a benign issue? Thanks again for your help.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, ctrlaltdelete. The URL is: http://www.isthisfilesafe.com/ md5/66773AB99D02B466BFB5796D8D8808EE_details.aspx [Note: I had to break up the URL; it kept breaking in the post. Just cut/paste it, then delete the space after "com/"]. The result is pretty vague and there does not appear to be an MD5 hash associated with it. When I click on the file name, I am shifted to the Autorun tab on OA. The fact that there is no information on an autorun file is that it is being run in a temp folder that is immediately deleted. Perhaps I should err on the side of caution and block the file until more is known about it.... Any programs I can load on my PC that might suggest the application loading it after boot? Apparently the "legitimate" version of the file belongs to an application called CPUID, but I don't believe I have ever loaded that on my machine and can't find it in a search of my hard drive.
  5. About 10 minutes after I boot my computer, I get a message from Online Armor that "C:\Windows\temp\cpuz135\cpuz135_x64.sys" wants to load. I can find no definitive explanation of what this program is other than it supposedly belongs to CPUID, which I do not knowingly have on my PC. I am concerned for two reasons in addition to the latter. First, it loads in a temp directory. Second, the entire directory almost immediately disappears. Any ideas as to what this program is would be appreciate. I have scanned my PC with several anti-malware programs and nothing is identified.
  6. Hackerman 1 said: The problem seems to have been solved by retrograding Adobe Flash back to 10.3 from 11.3. This was not a trivial process because even when I disabled Avast!, my browsers were struggling to keep from crashing before the old Flash was downloaded. I think there was also a conflict between Flash and Java, but I'm not going there.... Although my problems began with Firefox, they quickly spread to Chrome. Since the retrograde (about five hours ago), everything looks stable. Thank you all for you other suggestions--it was one of those situations where Flash seemed to be interacting with all the other applications so it was hard to tell which one was the primary cause. Flash is really beginning to suck....
  7. hackerman1-- Your response was like deja vue from several years ago when Avast and OA did not play well together at all. I closed various shields one at a time until Firefox ran fine: the Avast! Behavioral Shield. Further observation suggested that it didn't like my extensions and add-ons any more. After "trusting" three extensions, I stopped and just closed the behavioral shield down for now. I'll play around with it when I have more time over the next few days. I posted this finding in the Avast Forum (http://forum.avast.c...?topic=100851.0); we'll see what I hear. In the meantime, I still don't understand why shutting down OA completely (not the individual components) had the same effect. At least I'm making progress. Thanks for your idea!
  8. I am running OA Free on two PCs, and recently upgraded to the most recent version ( but am only having the following problem on one. My main browser is Firefox 13.1, but I seem to have similar problems with IE and Chrome on this PC as well. When I try to start Firefox, it freezes for about two minutes then opens a window with the following message: If I click, "Stop," and then navigate to some websites, the problem seems to go away. Typically, I go to check my gmail account, and Firefox freezes again, suggesting there is something about that type of site (javascript, perhaps?) that OA does not seem to like. I have searched the web for similar errors, found a few, but none of the solutions I have found seem to be relevant to my situation. In troubleshooting the problem, I disabled various OA settings (firewall, programs, web shield, activated "learning mode") with no effect. However, if I close OA completely, I can then start my browser without a problem! In addition, after I launch my browser, if I restart OA nothing freezes! Additional information: I downloaded another copy of OA from the Esmisoft website and did a "clean install" (I have had problems with upgrades before) with no change. I have also run Avast! successfully with OA for years, ensuring each program's settings plays nicely with the other, so unless there is something new in either (or both), this is unlikely to be the source of the problem. I allow and/or trusted every Flash update program or service whenever I update Flash. I check OA and do not see any unusual Flash blocks. The fact that another PC is not experiencing this problem has made this issue more difficult to troubleshoot. Any troubleshooting suggestions are appreciated. At least I have a workaround (closing OA before opening browser, etc...) but there has to be a better solution. UPDATE: Went to check email without closing Firefox, but after restarting OA and froze. Had no problem in this forum. What's different?
  9. In trying to get a handle on this complicated set of scenarios, I tried getting to the links that were kindly provided. However, when I clicked on each, I simply arrived at the AO Help "manual" page (http://www.emsisoft.com/en/info/oa/). Are the links provided restricted in some way or are they gone? I can get to www.online-armor.com, but I can't see how to navigate to any of the 3 links. Any suggestions for getting to the linked pages would be appreciated.
  10. Secunia PSI has been recommending the Flash update. Alternative is to lose significant functionality. In addition, I have found no credible [malware] problems on search engines related to latest Flash version. I have done the install, with no problems yet, downloaded directly from Adobe website. Seems like false positive.
  11. From what I can tell, these notifications are false positives. I have installed the last two Flash versions after downloading them directly from the Adobe website provided by Secunia PSI with no apparent problems. The biggest concern I have is why there need to be so many Flash updates, and why so many websites will not run important content without the most recent version of Flash, which may have been released only hours earlier, installed on a computer--no matter how limited the changes are. This is very user unfriendly, and may not give malware/firewall publishers time to react without false positives. Adobe's influence on the market with it's apparent lack of concern for the consumer, is disappointing and ominous--IMO.
  12. Follow-up on my 11 July post: my web browsing had begun to become noticeably slower (though still "fast enough") within a week of reinstalling OA. However, within the past week, page loading had become slow enough that some pages--including email--timed out, and my internet connection needed to be restarted every five minutes--or sooner. Turning off the firewall feature (not the web shield) helped for a couple of days--but then why have a firewall ! Yesterday, only disabling OA completely allowed me to use my internet connection. That said, I spent an hour uninstalling and reinstall OA again, as I did in July. My internet connection is now back to normal speed and no crashes. What is now clear is that OA is not playing well with my PC or some software on it, and the problem is cumulative, getting worse slowly over time. Frankly, I don't have the time to spend the MANY hours it would take to figure out exactly what is going on (on top of all the time already spent). I will watch what happens to my connection over the next 4-8 weeks, but if my connection slows down/begins to break again, I'll reluctantly look for another firewall. Has anyone else has experienced this problem weeks or months after doing a full reinstall of OA, or is my situation unique?
  13. Just an FYI. I, too, had terrible internet speed and was about to create a new post yesterday when I read catprincess's advice above (http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/3041-slow-web-page-loading/page__view__findpost__p__25932. Like Robert Varga, I had upgraded without uninstalling the previous OA version. In addition to VERY slow browsing, my internet connection kept crashing, causing me to disable and re-enable my broadband ethernet adapter every 10-30 minutes. The only thing that helped was closing OA--which kind of defeats the purpose of a firewall.... However, after uninstalling and reinstalling OA and rebooting several times to complete the process, my page loading speed increased by a factor of more than 10 and I haven't lost my connection once! Thanks catprincess! I wonder if this problem occurs frequently enough to create an FAQ or sticky thread suggesting a fresh install when these kinds of connectivity issues arise after OA is updated....
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