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  1. Hello, Everything on the computer was trusted (new computer). The adds should have been advertisements. I did figure out that if I do not have the box checked that says "block programs with suspicious file names" it works. Guess I will leave it at that for now. Thanks, Larry
  2. Hello all, OA will not let me start Excel or Word with Program Guard checked. They will start fine with it unchecked. I am using the OA free version. I am guessing it is because of the adds but there is no choice to turn them off.
  3. Hello again...it has been a few days so thought I would check if anyone else has any ideas. OA is still only showing very very minimal activity blocked. As said previously 90% (sometimes 100%) of the info is only from port 6000 to port 1433 and this is only being listed a few times a day.
  4. Thank you for the response. As far as I know the options are to show allowed, blocked, or all. I only want to see blocked events but am wondering why so little shows up. Just as an example...It looks like the log reset itself and in the four hours since there has only been two blocked events showing up...both from port 6000 to port 1433. In this same time period in Linux it would show many different attempts to many different ports from many different ips. Probably sixty attempts versus the two that show up in the Online Armor logs. By the way...if I am scanned from some place that I go t
  5. Hello, I am curious as to why when I click show firewall log it usually shows very little. About the only thing that shows up are hits to port 1433 and my dns server not being able to connect to. In Linux my logs show many many hits. Not a big deal but curious. Thanks, Larry
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