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  1. Understood lynx. The message to ShadowDefender was more in the nature of a "for your information" in case other detections were reported,rather than a request for help. Thank you for your kind assistance,and I wait a EMSI reply/call on the detection. I suppose by its very nature the "Commit to real system" fuction of a system virtualization program like Shadow Defender/Returnil is prone to trigger alarms with anti-malware programs? Anyway,the important thing is we learn something each day. thanks, noor
  2. thank you Lynx. Indeed the services.exe detection is now gone from my scan. So true not to dismiss the possibility of a third party infection. The ShadowDefender detection has been submitted to both EMSI and the ShadowDefrender forum. Thanks for all assistance, noor
  3. Windows Xp SP3,Realtime: Shadow Defender,Sandboxie,Process Guard HIPS. On demand: A-Squared free Avira 9. The following potentially system wrecking false positives occurred on my A-Square full scan today. (see attactted A-Squared Log). At least quarantining the system exe,is a system breaker,and the Shadow Defender false positive would destroy the heart of my security. On Virus total,and Jotti,only McAfee shares the detection. I see the services exe detection has already been reported on these forums,one would thank many more times,as the file is ubiquitous,but nothing on the Shadow Defender file.