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  1. Thanks for the polite reply H_D. Fabian and James made a good reading for me. They did not attacked me as customer (lol). Dissing and shouting rubbish and useless is very unprofessional _IMO_. All tests are useless and rubbish if I trust these other guys, Lynx and Puter (and you too H_D). It was a test conducted by VB. Let's move on.
  2. Huh! I am convinced about Emsisof Anti-Malwares's capabilities. I am just surprised about moderators views. Very unprofessional IMO.
  3. Thank you Fabian. This info is enough for me: "Virut variant that was present in the test set with several hundred different infected files"
  4. Excuse me? Made up my mind? Let the marketing guys handle this.
  5. So all PCSL tests are sponsored by Emsisoft? I am subjective. I pay for security software. Emsisoft did fail. Period.
  6. These samples used look pretty active threat to me. This test is not biased by sponsor(s).
  7. I am sorry about the links. Virus Bulletin is just one reputable tester. Status: FAIL Failure reason: 974 wildlist misses, 1 false positive Result history: EmsiSoft Product name: Emsisoft a-squared Anti-Malware
  8. So what went wrong?
  9. Hi! Online Armor is not beta anymore. It is released for Windows 7 32-Bit systems. What is sbie? Just allow the prompts concerning OA. You can even exclude OA from A2's protection. I am using OA 4 Premium and a-squared Anti-Malware paid. I have excluded A2 from OA's protection too. IMO, OA 4 is not mature for W7, yet.
  10. Thanks for the info H_D. This question should be clearly answered soon...
  11. Hi! I tried to search this forum and knowledge base/FAQ, but I could not find the answer. Is a-squared Anti-Malware fully compatible with Windows Seven 32-bit version (all features working)? I saw some newsletter earlier about Windows Seven, but nothing official. Any accurate info is highly appreciated. Best regards, zakke