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  1. Hi all, i have the same problem. My programs on: Actual Window Manager, Roboform, CFOS Speed, Smoothping. The time in time, the tryicon freeze. ps. sry my english.
  2. Tkx for the reply. I go wait for the update.
  3. Any help? I realy need resolve this problem, for me think in buy this product. Tkx.
  4. Hi all, i need say first my english is bad, sry hehe. I am brazilian. I am still with this problem. Any Host rules i try change or add, i got this error " Sorry, your change were not saved. Please reboot your computer and try once again". Well i maked that lots times and not worked. I tryed unistall e install again, and dont worked too. I have Comodo Firewall and DNS comodo instaled too. I think the problem dont is this. Tks all.