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  1. This morning everything seems to be OK. But, even this was not EMSI's problem, IKARUS is EMSI's partner and it would have been nice that they had noticed about server problems. In past few day it is second time that (forever reason)that a-squared can not be updated regularly, so please try to solve that issue. THX in advance
  2. Does anybody know what's going with IKARUS server since it is still not fixed and a-squared still can not be updated ?
  3. Thx. As I tried it on 3 computers with the same result. Hope to be fixed soon.
  4. Anybody expiriance same problem?
  5. Since 2 pm I can not update a-squared free with a message that Ikarus server is unavailable. Since the same thing happened few days ago, is anybody doing something to fix those (server update) problems ? I am thinking of buying Mamutu and a-squared anti malware, but with these problems ... (?) I hope that it will be fixed soon.
  6. After scanning my laptop with a-squard free (February 8th, 2010, 4 pm), I got the notice to send some file for further investigation. I am relativly new with a-squared products (which I found very useful)I allowed it, but I am interested in which way I shall get the answer about that file. Thx in advance. Tommy
  7. Problem solved, I updated a-squared free 2 minutes ago. THX
  8. Sorry nothing about you personal. Once again, SORRY.
  9. Very slow As the problem is still not fixed.
  10. Since 2 pm I can not update a-squared free with "standard" notification that I have to check my proxy settings. As all other updates work normally and as I confirmed it on 2 computers (both Windows xp pro), obviously it is problem with a-squared server. Is anybody doing something to resolve the problem ? Tommy