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  1. thanx for the welcome the comodo is internet security PRO and everything is running and about the report i had attached a file that had every single information about my computer i reuploaded it at mediafire for an unknown reason it wont let me attach a file right now at forum http://www.mediafire.com/?kiiim5igtl1qz30 well here is everything you will need to know my computer is virus free
  2. Well i am using firefox 5 and for an unknown reason when i swich between tabs mamuntu will use 70% of cpu SOME TIMES EVEN MORE but when i try with other web browsers it works just fine i tried to put firefox procceses(all of them plugins/firefox/update/crash report to safe and no monitor but they are still laggy REPORT FOR EVYRYTHING IN MY COMPUTER Download report for EVERYTHING about my computer
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