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  1. Thanks. I didn't released it was a more involved process. Took your advice and now browser speed seems normal.
  2. Reinstalled OA and went through the whole set up again. I also made an exclusion in Avast (though I believe it only works for manual and scheduled scans). I added Firefox folder to OA exclusions. I don't think there is any conflict here. Still my internet browsing is slowed down, OA is obviously the cause as my browsing sped up the second I uninstalled it. Shutting off web shield does nothing. I can't seem to make OA work without suffering slow browser speed. Only thing I can think of is perhaps something to do with my modem/router + OA.
  3. Though Avast runs numerous exes I do believe I trusted them all. I haven't seen any pop up notifications. I went through the wizard and "learn" function, don't know what I did wrong, can't figure out what I need to change in the firewall to get my browser speed up.
  4. Examined using the internet via Firefox browser with and without OA and I found the firewall greatly reduces browser speed. No sense in having a high speed internet connect when the firewall software brings you down to a 56K modem. Note that Windows firewall was not on when using OA. Also I did make Firefox.exe a trusted program. There was obviously something the firewall decided it need to bog down and examine but I could not figure out what it was to trust it. Other notes: Using Avast as my AV Win XP SP3 Cisco router/modem Removal of OA brought my web surfing speed back to normal.
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