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  1. Ok, I went and restarted & allowed it to start w/windows again & left it on overnight and this AM I am not having any slowdown PC side issues-zero, none nada, zip... all smooth sailing for 5 hours now, & even saw 1 notification re: a newer game I recently unpacked. so, I'm gonna guess there was a 'take a snapshot' of my system process that was part of my initial bog-down and it was just me being over-protective that caused me to pull the plug & reach out to you more knowledgeable than I about Mamutu ! Thanks- T Mike
  2. Thanks Lynx, Top of the day to ya, getting later for me here in the Pacific NW of USA, but I'll add this quickly : the firewall is a Free release called "Windows 7 Firewall Control" released by http://www.sphinx-soft.com/~ can't these word/names get confusing sometimes-LOL My OS is the Vista Home Premium SP2{32}, I have windows Defender on. The Avast is the current free release & has the standard shields included, all on. I mentioned the Mamutu release I rec'd as the GOTD, ( http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/), one specifically because as a GOTD website user, we sometimes see a program released there that does indeed vary slightly from some of the same offerings that a surfer may find casually arriving from a search or friends mention. I'll have to dig into logs and this new programs settings later tonite or probably tomorrow- my Sat. & I'll report back ! ohhhh- the real issue started when I tried opening IE9, even as the IE9 bogs down whatever I was doing in chrome stayed constant & I could surf w/chrome-(I was actually streaming a HULU catch up of warehouse 13) & went to check something on my pc during the break-the pc was sluggy & I opened the M & clicked to go to forums & it launched an IE window that also hung, wouldn't close- task hung/new IE window hung....I did the restart, left M on- went thru & repeated & IE corked & PC slugged down; I turned off M/no boot start, restarted w/o M and ran smooth till restarting M....same slow down & I checked GOTD forums then here...HiYa ~thanks, gotta go 4 now- T Mike
  3. Found the product on GOTD, was glad to see something more progressive on the security 'front'- and by the way, I see on their boards that many consumers are confused by what they expect to happen or not with any security program for a PC. The 'where's the scan button' one sums up what I mean- ok, with my google running, all seems well- but if I open my IE9, everything starts to slooowwww dooowwwnnnn from there, and trying to get back into my computer will allways fail- I noticed it slowly starting right after I installed{ using google to surf), did a restart & started checking stuff to see what was up, and by not allowing a mamutu @startup I am able to keep going, but after starting it, the slowww doowwwnnn starts & even Task mng will not open. let's see, on a HP Pav laptop I have Vista home, a free copy of Vista7Firewall, avast as my 'daily running'; I have the malware bytes onboard but not auto start-just use it on ocassion & for some 'right-click' scan that stuff- I haven't let it (M) run for a full 15 min after seeing the sluggy stuff start & am wondering do I need to just let it slow me down for awhile during an inital 'get to know my system' run-thru, or do you more knowledgable than I think I may have some other issues going on ?
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