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  1. Good. My Chrome takes 5secs to start. A new tab would take 3secs. Without Mamutu its instantaneous. Is that normal? I see it's Mamutu because the a2sevice.exe is consuming CPU. Maybe I can somehow improve this. I find nothing searching Mamutu and Chrome. Seems that a few people use Mamutu with Chrome or they just have no issues with it.
  2. Go to Active Programs, right-click on the exe and go to Request Suggestion. I'm not sure if the names are exactly this, I'm translating from another language to English, because Mamutu is not in English to me.
  3. If they are the same thing, why mine doesn't work? If I create a rule to allow everything it works, if I put in exceptions list it doesn't work. Really? Even if I create a rule that allow everything?
  4. I don't understand why I need to make those tests. Doesn't make any sense. As I said, Chrome (yes, version 12) is being blocked by Mamutu, and I'm not getting any alert. AND, as I said Chrome and WOWhelper (which is the program responsible for instant search) is in the exceptions list. So, now I put both to be monitored, but I allow everything. Now it's working. So, or I misunderstood what exception list is, or something is wrong with Mamutu. I don't feel ok to allow Chrome to do everything in my computer. Because some kind of malware can take control over it and it will do everything and Mamutu won't alert me. Do I really need to allow Chrome everything? Does anybody in this forum use Chrome as well? What kind of rule did you establish for your Chrome exe and related exes? Actually I excluded Chrome from the protection (exceptions list) because that was the suggestion from the community. When you right-click on Chrome exe and go to Request suggestion. (Being exclude from protection or have a rule that allow everything is not the same thing?) I think I know what happened. When I execute Chrome for the first time with Mamutu on, Mamutu alert me about what he was trying to do. Then I created a rule allowing that specific action. Then, as I use the browser, Chrome needed to do other things and Mamutu just used the rule I created and did not alert me about new actions, just blocked. So if a program need to be allowed to do more than 1 thing on that rule list, you need to know at first time, otherwise Mamutu will block it and won't alert because there is already a rule for that program. Am I right? To sum up, I just need to know if "Being exclude from protection or have a rule that allow everything is the same thing?"
  5. Hi, Mamutu (last version) is not playing well with my Chrome (last version). I use Windows 7 x64. Strangely was ok yesterday. Nothing changed since then. No new softwares installed. What happen is that Chrome is useless when Mamutu is on. Can't search, can't open any pages. The browser opens, but that's all. Was working yesterday. Chrome wasn't updated. Now I put Chrome and wowhelper.exe in the green list (excluded from monitoring) and nothing changed. I thing when Mamutu see something wrong, is suppose to warn me, so I decide if I allow or not. This is happening for other programs, and it happens for Chrome and wowhelper yesterday. I allow specific actions. Now I just allowed everything and still not working. Any advise?
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