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    Classical Arts/ Music: particularly the Impressionist and Romantic art movements...Classical Music, Classic Rock, Cool Jazz, Film Scores...Shakespeare to Nineteenth Century Literature...Opera and Ballet...and Cinema. I'm also a perpetual student of American History...particularly early New York City history.
  1. I'm sorry...Move the thread please. Thanks.
  2. ~WHOLE QUOTATION without any comments REMOVED {Lynx} Will do that, Lynx. Thank you for the advice and for the Welcome. I'm using Version, Freeware License.
  3. Emsi often detects malware that I attempt to quarantine. When I attempt a quarantine, I'm notified that it's "unable to remove" the malware(s) and to notify a professional here at Emsi. However, when I opt to Remove rather than to Quarantine the malware in question, it's removed it without any problem. I'm more curious than concerned over this and would appreciate anyone's feedback as to why this occurs. Thank you.
  4. Hello to One and All. I'm new here,currently checking things out...trying not to break anything. Hope to see everyone soon. Ciao.

  5. A Concise Murmuring of Muddled Realities

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