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  1. Sorry, there seems to be a bit of miscommunication here. When I said "I decided to trust it and let Online Armor allow its screen logging", I did not use the term "trust" in the the OA sense of hitting the OA "Trust" button. I "trusted" the application in the more informal, and limited sense, just in so far as telling OA to allow it to act as a screen logger. I did not "trust" it any further than that -- precisely because I wanted to see what else it would try to do, and stop it if need be. So my question really isn't why OA gave me those alerts. I understand that it alerted me because I
  2. Yesterday, I downloaded and installed the VirusTotal uploader app from: http://www.virustotal.com/advanced.html#uploader The sha256 checksum of the VTUploader2.0Setup.exe is: f5b31335fefa7d46bab89c6985d7c097eaf8a6b29ac990b5bf63c75e0499a3b6 The sha256 checksum of the installed VirusTotalUpload2.exe is: 0c3bbca54c19d81a3df2229d09bff373b61f7ddb495ac6f247ba15b074b5fc63 It worked fine overall, even though Online Armor flagged it as a screen logger (and maybe keylogger too, I can't quite remember). I decided to trust it and let Online Armor allow its screen logging, as it didn't seem to work
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