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  1. Hi Kevin, I am sorry, but there is nothing else I can do. I provided all required info, I removed all,"so called", conflicting software, I installed fresh Win and EAM, yet you continue to say that on your PC EAM is taking 16GB of RAM. A simple statement like this ("Mine is better than yours") cannot prove anything and will not solve te problem. Claudiu
  2. Hi Kevin, For the sake of an argument I restored an image of Win7 Pro 64 SP1 and NO OTHER SOFTWARE!!! So, just to be clear , I have now Win7 and EAM ONLY, on a Lenovo R60 with 3Gb RAM.(see the System Information file attached) As you can see the RAM usage is almost the same (over 250MB) so, is only related with EAM and no conflict wathsoever with other software.(see the jpg attached) On the other hand EAM has a huge signature databse (around 250MB) and if this is loaded in RAM so this can be an explanation. In conclusion, yes, EAM takes a good amount of RAM in order to run,and,yes, will slowdown the start-up (in my situation +30sec) This is easy to reproduce, so you do not need my feedback anymore. Hope this helps! Claudiu
  3. Hi Kevin, As you should be able to see from System Information file (NFO) provided I AM NOT USING ThreatFire in my system, was just to let you know about status of PC Tools Firewall Plus (and Threatfire) versus Symantec suport. As you can see EAM is not " fighting" with anything, is heavy on RAM by itself using almost all the time over 1/4GB of RAM. "...you were using Mamutu at one time, which is also a HIPS" For some reason I was convinced that Mamutu is a Behaviour Blocker and not a HIPS. Claudiu
  4. Thank you for your answer! PC Tools Firewall and Threatfire are not suported (and delivered) anymore as individual items, however they are integrated ABSOLUTELY THE SAME in PC Tools Internet Security. PC Tools Firewall Plus is the best firewall for Win7 64 I could find and is the only constant in my system, and works fine with MSE4,MBAM,AntiVir Premium,WSA, and I am not going to remove it only to acomodate EAM. I am sorry that I cannot continue the troubleshooting, but I am going to pass EAM for the time being. Thank you for your patience, Claudiu
  5. Done! 1.Uninstall MSE 4 and run MicrosoftFixit50692; reboot; disable Win Defender 2.Uninstall MBAM; run mbam-clean; reboot Now I have only EAM and PCTools Firewall Plus. See attached new System Information file (NFO). (New) and screenshot for RAM ussage: still the same high . Thanks, Claudiu
  6. Yes, I install it and uninstall due to high RAM usage; I replace it with MSE +MBAM. I have a 2 X 1 year licences for EAM, only one active (363 days left), the other one not activated yet. I can reinstall it if you wish. Thanks, Claudiu
  7. No, the indexing is off, see attachment. But, if this is common for any AV , I should have the same (high) ram usage with every AV I install, and I don't. Thanks, Claudiu
  8. "And Win7 x64 with only 4 GB is just not enough to have a pleasant computing experiences (with or without Emsisoft Anti-Malware)." 4Gb of RAM for Win7 X64 Pro is more than enough! (on my laptop I have 3GB and RAM usage is around 1-1,2GB). However, RAM usage ONLY for EAM is 280MB , very high compared with any other AV. Claudiu
  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Changelog A changelog is a log or record of changes made to a project, [...]usually including such records as bug fixes, new features,etc. With all due respect, Sir, this is not a changelog ,is just signature /white list update on a Mamutu core which is dated Version - 11/4/2011, so almost 3 years back. Is hard to convince any body that Mamutu is still under development....and with this "We decided to outsource Mamutu..." we can say "Amen". Sincerely, Claudiu B
  10. Hi iammike, It's Feb11 and nobody cared to answer to your question so I will do it; There is no 64 bit version (designed for 64 bit OS), but the version you downloaded will work just fine on your 64 Bit OS (Win 7 Ultimate) Claudiu
  11. Fabian, With all due respect but I reported “bugs” like that more than 2 years ago and nothing happened! In June 2010 Mamutu was on version, today, after 2 years and a half, is on!!! If there are any developers maintaining Mamutu, you better check on them!!!! Personally, I believe that Mamutu development has ceased long time ago and is only on artificial life support and will soon be delivered only as part as the antimalware app. Wish you all the best with Emsi! Claudiu
  12. Hi Fabian, Thank you for your answer! Unfortunately,not only my expectations are off but also my patience is wearing thin... Why I am getting this alert then???? As you can see, the community said "100% deny", "Create a rule for this decision" is checked, threshold is 90%; Theoretically I should never been able to see such an alertand instead a "Deny" rule for the detected item should be created. This is the purpose of "Community-based alert reduction" , to reduce the number of alerts!!!!! Clearly says in "Help": "You can use percentage threshold values to define whether a program is automatically blocked or permitted using community-based alert reduction. See there, says AUTOMATICALLY!!!!!!! So, why I am getting this alert then???? Thanks, Claudiu
  13. Thank you for your answer! Let’s clarify a little bit, please! If I select “Community-based alert reduction” (and I make this selection based on Help description: “You can use percentage threshold values to define whether a program is automatically blocked or permitted using community-based alert reduction) I expect that an application will be allowed or blocked STRICTLY BASED ON COMMUNITY ( based on my treshold) . Where do you see “ WHITE LIST” mentioned here??? And really doesn’t make sense: if an application is white-listed by EmsiSoftware how is important what the community says????; I understand if the application is unknown to Emsi, now maybe the community can offer some help but is virtually impossible that an application is known to community but unknown to Emsi. So ,you have to decide if in “Community-based alert reduction” the decision is made based on your White List or based on o the intelligence of the masses.(as per Help) Cannot be both….. The logic dictates that should be like this: Intelligent alert reduction -------------> based on behaviour AND White List Community-based alert reduction ------------>based on behaviour AND intelligence of the masses Paranoid mode --------------> based on behaviour Thanks, Claudiu
  14. Thank you for your answer; You may need to modify the explanation associated with "Community-based alert reduction"; reading the "Help" it seems like a decision is made based on "....on the intelligence of the masses" It clearly says :"Mamutu relies on the intelligence of the masses.. An online query to the Anti-Malware Network is made and the decisions of all Mamutu users on what to do...Mamutu uses this to provide a recommendation of how to proceed." Not a word about "White List" Further more, even though I selected threshold of 90% for each, I never had a rule automatically created, even though the percentage was 100%; only the recomandation was "Allow" but the rule was never created automatically ,like it says here: " If 90% of Mamutu users have allowed the program to start then it will be automatically allowed on your system and an application rule is created for future program starts." You may want to review this. Thanks, Claudiu
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