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  1. GT500, Thank you! That fixed it! I had been using Online Armor (the paid version) and the problems started when the paid version ran out and I updated to OA free. I did not uninstall the previous version before installing the new version. When I went to uninstall OA this time, I saw that I was uninstalling version 6.0 on my laptop, and version 5.5 on our home desktop, even though I was running OA I am assuming that these older versions were causing a conflict with the new version. So, I uninstalled, restarted twice, then reinstalled. And now everything is fine. Also, both computers open to the desktop about 10 to 15 seconds faster! Thank you for all your help.
  2. GT500, I just PM'd you my logs. Thanks for your help.
  3. GT500, Hi. This problem is still happening with all of our home computers. I will be able to duplicate the problem, but it involves shutting down our internet access for 30 seconds, and every time I am available to do this, no one in our family wants me to shut it down because they are on the internet. Sigh... The suggestion you gave for temporarily fixing the problem works. First, I unplug and replug our internet router to reset the connection. Then I reopen Online Armor, unclick the box to begin on startup, then close Online Armor, then reopen Online Armor and reclick the box to turn it on at startup. This way, the problem is temporarily solved until the next time our internet happens to shut down at the time the computer is turned on again. I will try to send you logs as soon as I can. Thank you.
  4. GT500, Hi. Just reminding you, as you requested. Best wishes.
  5. GT500, Thanks. I'll be curious to hear what the developers say. Best wishes.
  6. GT500, Thank you again for your help with this matter. I hope you are still around because I have discovered the cause of the problem and have been able to duplicate it on my laptop and desktop computers. When I turn on the computer, but it is not connected to the internet, then the Online Armor logo shows up in the systray, but... A little while later a box pops up telling me to get a 30 day trial to Online Armor. If I click the X in the corner of that box to close it, then the box closes, but immediately thereafter, Online Armor disappears in the systray and is turned off. This happens with Online Armor Free on Windows 7/64 and on Windows XP. Is this a bug? A glitch? Or is it standard that Online Armor Free does not work if it cannot connect to the Internet at startup? Let me know your thoughts.
  7. GT500, Thanks for your quick reply. The box was selected. And it was selected yesterday, because I checked it. However, I decided to restart anyway, and lo and behold, Online Armor started up at start up. Very strange, because it has not been doing that for at least the past two days. I will keep an eye on it, but at the moment it seems to be working. Perhaps it will remain a "firewall mystery". Thanks again for your help.
  8. Hi, I was using Online Armor (paid) until last week when the subscription ran out and automatically switched to OA Free. At that point I updated to the latest version, Free. I have just noticed that when Windows finishes its startup, the OA shield is not in the systray. I looked in Task Manager and I see OAcat running, but SvcOnlineArmor is stopped. I am running Windows 7, 64, with Online Armor Free. I have Microsoft Security Essentials turned off and Windows Defender turned off. I also have Emsisoft Antimalware Free, but it only runs on demand. Same with Malwarebytes free. Now Online Armor only works when I manually turn it on. Am I overlooking something? Everything was fine until now. Why isn't Online Armor starting when the computer is turned on?
  9. I am starting a new thread here because AndrewF has said it would be "highjacking a thread" to add comments to a similar thread about the same problem. Let the flood of threads about this begin. I have just spent five days trying to fix my computer, thinking that the hard drive was dying, because I was getting what I thought was a "blue screen of death" after the Windows Welcome screen. What I finally figured out was that I was seeing my usual blank green desktop screen without any of the icons or the Windows Start button, not a blue screen of death. I had waited up to five minutes for something to happen onscreen, but when nothing did, I assumed my computer was failing. I have now read several posts below and realize that there is a conflict between Online Armor and Microsoft Security Essentials after a recent update of MSE. The desktop is just hanging, not failing. When I let my computer sit for 20 minutes, the desktop finally opened. I see that there is a tentative solution for this problem: to exclude Online Armor in MSE and vice versa. I have chosen instead to turn off real time protection in MSE, and that has solved the problem for the moment. I have spent too much time trying to understand this problem over the past few days to play with it further tonight. I suggest that Emsisoft IMMEDIATELY send an email newsletter explaining this situation. Because Online Armor has worked for me so well for years, it didn't dawn on me that there could be a conflict. I thought this was the first time that I would not be able to find the solution for a computer problem, and that I would have to send the computer back for repairs. Emsisoft, this is a major problem. I believe it is affecting a lot of your customers. Please, please, send out notification so that others around the world will not be in despair, as I nearly was. I am running a PC laptop with Windows 7/64, Online Armor paid, Emsisoft Anti-Virus free version, and Microsoft Security Essentials. I'm glad I finally thought to check this forum, because it's the best-run forum on the web. Thanks. -- Greg Dashaway
  10. andrewf and dallas7, Thank you for your quick and useful replies. I'll take a look at her computer when she comes home in a week, and I'll look into your suggestions. Best wishes.
  11. My daughter has gone off to university with her Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop (about 4 years old) on which is loaded Online Armor ++. (I have a license for her from last December for OA Premium and Emsisoft Anti-Malware, but I've never had a chance to install them.) Her Online Armor is probably about 1-1/2 years old at this point. Her laptop wasn't receiving wifi well, so I sent her a Netgear G54/N150 USB Adapter. This adapter plugs in like a tiny flash drive and gives her wireless "N" which her computer didn't have before. She took it to her university's tech support to install. It installed fine, but they say that it only works with Online Armor turned off. I asked them to check the OA history to see if something was blocked. They said there was nothing blocked in history, but that OA was blocking packets. (They also said that the university doesn't support Online Armor, and they want to install all sorts of Symantec products on her computer for free. Sigh...) So at at the moment, Online Armor is turned off and she is using Windows XP SP3's firewall. My daughter is not interested in firewalls or computers, she just wants the wifi to work. So she is likely to do whatever her university's tech people tell her to do. If I were there, I feel I could probably solve this within a minute or two, but perhaps not. She will be coming home for a few days next week, and I will look at her computer then. Has anyone had a similar problem with Online Armor and a wifi adapter. What should I check first when she comes home? Thanks.
  12. johnl, I thought maybe the computer needed to be shut down twice because I was using an older version of EAM, so I updated to last weekend. Then I noticed that EAM is blocking a lot of websites on Internet Explorer 8, including our children's state college savings website. So I left EAM installed, but I turned off all its functions. The state college savings website now appears. However, last night when I tried to shut down the computer, I got the new problem that you mention. I shut down once, and all the icons disappeared from the screen. The screen was just blank. I thought the computer had died, so I pressed the on button to force a shutdown. Suddenly, the computer went to the "windows is shutting down" screen, and it shut down normally. This is disturbing, because the computer is demanding to be shut down twice, but it's difficult to do it the second time because the screen is blank, and there are no onscreen buttons to press. EAM appears to be causing this. I just wanted to let you know that this new problem you described had happened to me. Best wishes.
  13. I just discovered this topic. I am having the exact same problem. Actually, I view it more as an inconvenience than a problem I'm running a PC, Windows XP SP3, Online Armor Premium, several anti-malware programs such as Malwarebytes, but they're all run manually. I also have Emsisoft Anti Malware No other big anti-virus programs. I've noticed recently that I have to shut down the computer twice. This doesn't happen every time. I never connected this to EAM before, but it does make sense. It just started this year, after installing EAM. I think this need looking into by Emsisoft. Best wishes.
  14. Is there a fix for this yet? My son's netbook has the same problem. He is running Windows 7 Home Premium, SP1, with Microsoft Word Starter 2010, the version that has ads. He has Online Armor Premium As the others state, Online Armor pops up between 20 and 50 times or more with a message about the virtualization client when the computer is started. I thought it might have something to do with the ads, but perhaps not. Let me know what you discover. Thanks. Best wishes -- Greg Dashaway
  15. Thank you, Stapp. I had a feeling that would be the answer, and it sounds right. I'll give it a try and report back soon. Thanks, again.
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