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  1. I have run otl several times and it only seems to produce otl txt. I have attached this below, cannot find extras txt .
  2. ok had alot of problem getting this to work but here is the new log.
  3. Things seem to have reverted back to the beginning when I first posted this thread, flash player will not work unless I uninstall it and then install it again, then pages freeze so I end task but only to do it all over again, very frustrating! I do appreciated your time trying to help resolve this, thank you! Hopefully it will be soon
  4. I haven't uninstalled and continuously installed flayer player since following your instructions but the flash player does crash several times during the day and the pages sometimes take a little time to load and stick a bit.
  5. To use some of my applications I have to uninstall flash player and reinstall player everyday more than once. Pages continually freeze. Ctrl/Alt/Delete to restart . Have run full scan on avast, cc cleaner and malware and spybot. Have tried to restore system but computer freezes up. Any help would be greatly appreciated! DMan
  6. I downloaded ISeeYouXP again, found the folder and clicked on HideIT.bat.This brought up a Dos window with this message; Windows explorer will not show hidden files and file extensions. <These are the default settings.> You might need to change to another folder or press F5 to refresh the view for the change to take effect. Press any key to continue. . . . When I press a key this window just disappears I cant tell if the Hidden and System Files and Folders have returned to the default settings or not. In the last modified date it says 17/10/2007. Also HideIT.bat file now just says HideIT in the ISeeYouXP folder. Thankyou for your patience and help. Dion P.S. I am about to tackle the windows update problem with the link you provided.
  7. Ok, slight problem, I deleted the ISeeYouXP folder before I should have (sorry should have read whole post first)and was unable to locate and double-click HideIT.bat. Don't know how to return viewing of Hidden and System Files and Folders to the default settings. Don't know if this is related to this but now windows will not update. The update is Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (KB936330). I get an error code 80070002. Have tried deleting temporary update files as windows help suggested but this does not seem to help. Thanks Dion
  8. Ok, did that here are the logs: Everything seems ok at present. Thanks Dion.
  9. Had no problems getting these logs,have posted as you requested,computer seems to be running well. Thanks Dion
  10. Did A scan with OTL, You did not specify if you wanted purity or lop boxes checked so I did the scan without checking those boxes. Also had to type in my product key as windows prompted me to when I restarted this morning a message came up asking me to retype my windows vista premium product key to activate, would not load windows without it. Machine has been running slower than usual since yesterdays problem. Here is the log it gave me when I ran OTL:. Thanks Dion.
  11. Ran OTL exe copied and pasted as you asked. When I clicked the fix button windows gave me a critical warning told me to save files ect. When I closed the critical warning, windows rebooted itself and when it restarted a note pad log appeared. I have included the log: I hope this is what was supposed to happen and that this is the correct log. Thanks Dion.
  12. Ran otl here are the logs you requested:
  13. Did that, here is the new Combofix log: