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  1. Hi Christian, Thanks for your reply. Problem has not replicated today, which is unusual. When it does, I will send the log. Thanks and regards
  2. Hi, Sorry, forgot to include the following info: OA Premium Windows 7 Home Premium SP 1 Windows Defender, EAM Regards
  3. Hi, I had this problem a long time ago, but it was fixed. However, it has been happening for some weeks now. I thought that updates might fix it, but they haven't so far. When I'm not using the PC, I keep the "block all network traffic" on. However, when I return and take off the setting it does not unblock. The network traffic remains blocked. Sometimes I can close and shutdown OA, which fixes the problem, and restart OA again. Other times I have to reboot the PC. For the past two days, the problem has grown worse. The above is still happening, but additionally, when I have been browsing for a little while, OA blocks network traffic by itself. Grateful for your help. Thanks and best regards.
  4. Hi Arthur, Thanks for your reply. Wasn't able to do the debug logs until today, and when I sat down to start the process, I found that EAM is back to normal and is now updating normally, so everything seems OK now. Sorry to have troubled you. Best regards
  5. Hi, Since yesterday the green flashing arrow has been showing continuously on the icon, as when it is updating. Tried to do a manual update to clear it several times, but the update only reaches 14%. Also, have shut down EAM and restarted PC, but still the flashing green arrow is there. Grateful for your advice.
  6. Hi, My internet security pack is due for renewal in about a month. I've been using it for a couple of years now. I know that I can renew via the buy renewal button in OA and will get a discount. However, I would like to renew and add an extra internet security pack for an extra PC. So, I would like to buy for 2 PCs for the next year. What is the best way for me to do this? Thanks for your help.
  7. Have taken the final steps, and everything seems to be cleaned up. However, using Windows + R didn't find Combofix. It doesn't seem to be there any longer though. Everything seems to be running fine, scans are clear and everything is up-to-date according to the Secunia Software Inspector. Thanks for your help.
  8. Seem to be running fine. Haven't come across any problems. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.
  9. Here's the new OTL log. Thanks.
  10. Here's the new OTL log. Thanks.
  11. Here's the combofix text file. For some reason it wouldn't seem to attach from the combofix file, only to open, but had saved a text copy to desktop, so have attached that. Hope that's OK. If not, let me know. Thanks and regards,
  12. Here's the new OTL log. Thanks and regards
  13. Hi Kevin, Have run the Java update and uninstalled the old version, but can't find OTLfix.txt. It doesn't seem to appear at the end of the post. Thanks and regards
  14. Hi, Originally posted on the EAM forum. Was advised to attach EEK log and OTL.txt and Extras.txt and post here. The above file is showing up on a deep scan on EAM, but when I delete or quarantine it seems to return by itself. Can't seem to get rid of it. Grateful if you could advise. Have never had anything get through with EAM and OA on the pc. Grateful for your help. Thanks and regards
  15. Hi, Have tried to follow instructions from Sheep Expert, but having a slight problem, so have just seen your message, Arthur, and am attaching scan logs for now. Have attached the first log file the malware appeared in and the last scan log file also. Please let me know what else you might need. Thanks for your help. Best regards,
  16. Hi, the above file is showing up on a deep scan, but when i delete or quarantine it seems to return by itself. Can't seem to get rid of it. Grateful if you could advise. Have never had anything get through with Emsisoft on the pc so am panicking slightly. Grateful for your help. Thanks and regards
  17. Hi, It looks as though OA is now back to normal. After creating a dhcp reservation, there seem to be no problems with browsing, and OA is letting me unblock network traffic right away, even after long periods of time. Will keep an eye on it, but it looks as though the problem is solved. Do you think the problem occurred because of the changing IP address? Thank you Andrey and Arthur for your help. Much appreciated. Best regards
  18. Hi Andrey and Arthur, Will try to use a static IP as described and let you know. Thanks for your help. Best regards
  19. Hi Andrey, Sorry, but as far as I know, our ISP, Virgin Media, doesn't enable us to choose a static IP address. Best regards
  20. Hi Stapp, If I reboot after taking OA off "block all network traffic" then the connection is fine after the reboot. Also, if I reboot after the connection becomes blocked while browsing, the connection is also fine after the reboot. I find it quicker though just to shut down OA and restart OA, as the connection returns immediately after shutting down OA. And, yes, I do use the "block all network traffic" quite often, I guess. /Off topic Interesting link on the Superhub. We have had a bit of trouble with the wireless, too.
  21. Hi Arthur, Well, not good news so far. While browsing the connection was shut down after approximately 10 minutes, and, as usual, only returned on closing OA. Also, have experienced the network failing to unblock after taking OA off "block all network traffic". So, I guess the situation is pretty similar to before the reinstall. Shame, I was really hoping the reinstall might fix it! Best regards
  22. Hi Arthur, Have decided to try uninstalling OA, then reinstalling, as wondered whether perhaps a fresh install might solve the problem encountered after installing the Virgin Superhub, if the OA installation took place after the Superhub was already on the network. Will let you know what happens. Best regards
  23. Have just tried, but even troubleshooting the connection didn't work, but as soon as I shut down OA the connection was restored. Best regards
  24. Sorry Arthur, didn't see your message until today. Will try the network connection diagnostic and see what happens. With the internet access issue while browsing, it always shuts down after browsing for 20 mins or so now. I can resume browsing when I shut down OA, and wait a moment. Then I can restart OA. Will try the network connection diagnostic in both these cases and let you know what happens. Best regards
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