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  1. Thank you both for your help and time ; ) and fast reply too. I checked all the settings before posting this, I have tested all of these three settings but still the same, detections are only by file access or context menu scan. I mean this menu: and yes I know two antivirus at the same time is not recommended but I'll unistall eset, ikarus engine is far away better. But don't worry, its matter of time to get use to ; )
  2. Thanks for the fast reply, I'm used to Eset, it detects malware when file has been downloaded so it doesn't give me the chance to open it until I run it rom quarentene, but its okay, I have to get use to the "Manual context scan before opening files"
  3. I was asking myself is there a way to get "Automatic detection" I mean for example when downloading a file from internet and its infected, Emsisoft won't detect it until I open it, but in te case that the virus won't be detected it would be dangerous. Or it just happens on the trial version? Thank you anyway.
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