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  1. I'm sorry - everyone in our household has been under the weather for the last few days (fever, etc.) - I'm eager to get this straight, so will work on this again as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience and your help...
  2. I was wondering about that, too. But I was responding to: "You can try that, but please also let us know which files were quarantined." I had already attached the report of that 2nd scan, and since I couldn't get into the program, the only way to get further info was from Explore - C:\Program Files\a-squared Free\Quarantine\ So what should be my next step? Thanks again.
  3. No, I still can't run A2 at all. I copied and pasted the 90 files in quarantine (individually!)from Explore - C:\Program Files\a-squared Free\Quarantine\ I was waiting to hear feedback on the quarantined items before doing a System Restore. I also have not re-installed A2 or any of the other programs mentioned earlier that are also behaving strangely. I'm just waiting to see what you both think about the quarantined items first. Here's an example of what I have pasted into the document - it is the first item: file:///C:/Program%20Files/a-squared%20Free/Quarantine/0B36D5F94A0E236172AF6F7470E8D2481621C523.A2Q "Have you copied the saved quarantined content back into the \Quarantine\ folder?... etc" - I think you mean after a re-install of A2, which I haven't done yet, right? Thanks for your help!
  4. Thanks; I was running NoScript on Firefox, so that was the problem.... So now I have the "Attach This File" button, but when I attempted to attach, I got this message: "Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file." I had pasted the quarantined files into an MS Word document. Do I need to use something different?
  5. The only dark blue button I have below is the one that says "Add Reply" - and that is under the "Options" section. In the "Attachments" section (between the "Post" and "Options" sections), I only have two light blue "Browse" buttons, which are right beside each other... no other buttons are there at all.
  6. Thanks - Attached is the list of the quarantined files. I'll wait to hear your thoughts on the quarantined items before doing a System Restore. (I cannot seem to figure out how to attach the list to this reply - I select the file name beside the browse button, but it does not upload for some reason?)
  7. Thanks, again. It seems that some other programs ARE also having issues. Spybot also won't open at all, even from the exe file. I looked in Task Manager processes, and there are several instances of both a2free.exe and SpybotSD.exe running there, probably one for each time I attempted to open them. Yet if they are running, they are invisible! The following programs did open from Quick Launch shortcuts, but otherwise have not behaved normally. CCleaner stalls at 28% on the cleaner mode, though it went to completion on a registry scan. I opened SuperAntispyware and it apparently updated well enough, but when I clicked "Scan your Computer" - nothing. And then it froze completely and I had to use Task Manager to shut it down. When I opened it again, it gave the same update message as previously, so the updates had not been retained - will still shut down only via Task Manager. And the AdAware scan keeps counting down the time, but no scanning is underway - it just hangs as far as scanning, but the time keeps going. So I am thinking of just doing a System Restore and starting over to just before I ran the first A-squared scan. What do you think? Of course I would first locate and save the Quarantined Files as you directed. Thanks for your help!
  8. Thank you, Lynx. I see that I should attach reports in the future - thanks for editing that for me. Also, here is our System info for that computer: System: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Version 2002, Service Pack 3 Security Software we've been using - CCleaner, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Super AntiSpyware, AdAware, Spybot Search and Destroy, SpywareBlaster, Bsecure internet filter w/ firewall and pop-up blocker, NoScripts add-on for Firefox And I see that I should have looked into those items before quarantining - is there any way to get the A-squared program to run again? If so, are any of those items FP's that I should restore from being quarantined, or should any be deleted? Also, how does one turn off System Restore, and once I learn how to do it, should I go ahead and do that, reboot, and turn it back on as you mentioned? (I will also figure out how to locate the Quarantine folder so I can save the contents if we learn that I must reinstall....) Thanks for helping with this!
  9. Thank you; yes, I did save the report, but actually it was my 2nd scan on that desktop computer. I did the first scan last night and didn't save the report (dumb, I know - just getting used to the software...). (I also scanned our notebook computer after that today; quarantined stuff, and then came up with a clean scan the 2nd time on the notebook - no problems with that one.) Here's the 2nd report from early this morning on the desktop PC (and now I can't open the program, as you know): ~ INLINE LOG file REMOVED {Lynx} Thanks for looking at this!
  10. I am a new user and just did a scan on one of our computers, and quarantined the objects detected. I wanted to start another scan to see if it came up clean, but now the a-squared free program will not open at all, even if I go directly to the exe file and click on it - nothing at all happens. Maybe there's something I can try to correct this? Thanks.
  11. This may be a dumb question, but I haven't found the answer... I just downloaded, installed, updated, and began a scan with a-squared free on another computer. I skipped the part that asked for an e-mail address, etc., and began the scan. Then I started watching parts of the tutorial at the website on this computer, and it seems to imply that you must register with an e-mail address, etc. Is this true, and if so, does that mean that when the scan completes, it will not function by removing or quarantining malware, since I did not register an e-mail address, etc.? Thanks for your help!