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  1. Internet connection is working fine and I dont run through a proxy. Other programs I am currently using are Google Chrome, Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro, nothing else. No other changes have been made to my computer, hardware or software.
  2. I enter my license key, press OK, a box pops up for activating Online Armor then it goes right back to the registration box. So I do the same thing again, enter license key, press OK, activating Online Armor and then right back to the registration box again. Did a computer reboot but the same thing happens and I also tried uninstalling and installing but again nothing seems to work. Windows 7 x64 and I already reset my license key.
  3. Contact support, I take that as being here, correct? If so now how do I go about switching my license over?
  4. I finally got my license activated. A couple of years ago I went through the same problem using OA Premium but becuase of the technical problem my post was transfered to someone who worked with OA and through a couple of days of email, going back and forth a solution was found so I tried using that same solution with OA++ and it worked. I went to the user login area created a new account with my license and sure enough it worked. It now shows that my license will be expired in July of 2012 and not July of 2011. I was also able to reset my license which enabled me to enter it during the instal
  5. Windows 7 64bit OA++ Yesterday I renewed my license for another year and it showed 364 days left, now today it shows my license as being expired so I uninstalled OA ++, reinstalled and it still shows my license being expired with the renewal button beneath that which I already did. I went to the OA user area, logged in, went to View License and it shows as being expired since July 27th 2011, with the green check mark under renew and nothing under reset which is what I thought I would have to do. I received an email confirmation yesterday right after I renewed telling me this - Online Armor
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