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  1. no =( - Just the anti virus, I do however have access to Eset AV rc 5, wondering wether that would work any better with OA?
  2. Hehe, nothing to be sorry about, I very much appreciate your patience and help Yes, it is ticked btw.
  3. Hmm, as I suspected - nothing to do with me ticking options etc, I'd done that many times. However, it seems to be down to Kaspersky 2012, in that it may be jumping in and allowing access to the internet through it's own proxy? Any ideas please? I have switched off Kaspersky 2012 and reran the offending programs, and voila - OA gave me the option to allow/block. So, it IS the Kaspersky proxy, is there a way to set them up to work nicely together?
  4. For info, another example is Imgburn - a free iso burning program, again, free internet access, something is surely wrong. If needed I can find more...
  5. Thank you for the reply, I have previously used that plan of attack, and I followed it again, to no avail. Sadly nothing seems to stop it, which has me somewhat worried. As a recap, I've tried all the various approaches and tips, to no avail, it's as if OA has a back door or weakness.
  6. If only that worked... However, I've tested this with various programs, a good example is convertxtodvd (for backing up videos to dvd) no matter how I configure OA it will NOT stop the program updating should I use the check for updates option. I realise that I'm clicking the 'check' button, but I don't get any option to either block nor indeed allow the network access. If that program can do it, what's to stop malware/trojans doing the same? This is a fail in my opinion, any advice please, or can OA do nothing about it?
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